I can’t wait to give my granddaughter her new best friend. Choosing just one of these new  Sharewood Forest Friends 18″ plush dolls was difficult because they’re all so darn cute! My granddaughter is four, and she loves to look at all of 18″ dolls and clothes Nana has been buying and putting away for her, but she’s not interested in playing with them yet because they’re made with hard plastic bodies.  They also have arms and legs that don’t bend, so dressing them requires Nana to do the work while Millie directs the look. These Sharewood Forest Friends have soft bodies so they’re huggable, squishable, and make great napping partners!

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Sharewood Forest Friends - Soft 18" dolls that wear most 18-inch doll clothes - 8 available aff

Piper the Unicorn

Sharewood Forest Friends – Soft 18-inch Dolls

I love that Sharewood Forest Friends are available as animals – Aria the Alpaca, Brie the Bunny, Fiona the Fox, Piper the Unicorn, Sofie the Sloth.

They also have three humans in several implied ethnicities  – Eimmie (pale skin and blonde hair), Kaylie (dark-skinned and dark hair), and Allie (medium skin and brown hair).

Although there wasn’t one that matches my granddaughter who is biracial, I know that the dark-skinned doll Kaylie is the one she’ll feel closest to. If only she had curly hair – my sweet granddaughter is very proud of her curls, but I understand the limits of the yarn hair. I hope the line expands to add more skin colors in the future.

Each Sharewood Forest Friends comes with two outfits – one daytime look and a pair of pajamas with a cute sleep mask. Of course, their clothes are interchangeable, but they can also share clothes with other popular 18-inch dolls like Eimmie, American Girls, and Our Generation. The dolls arrive in a themed and reusable box that can be unfolded into a playscape to enhance storytelling time.

Sharewood Forest Friends Video

Part of the Playtime by Eimmie Doll Line

The Sharewood Forest dolls are produced by the same company that makes the Playtime by Eimmie dolls. Clothing, furniture, and accessories from this line work beautifully with the Sharewood Forest dolls. That means you buy once and your child grows with them into the Playtime by Eimmie dolls which are traditional 18-inch dolls that older girls love. This line is an excellent introduction to imaginative play where both boys and girls can role play in open-ended and safe playtime.

Sharewood Forest Friends Can Wear most 18-in Doll Clothes aff

Sharewood Forest Friends Can Wear most 18-in Doll Clothes

I’m looking forward to Millie’s reaction when she meets her new best friend. I’ve had to talk myself out of buying her more friends, but it’s hard to say no because we are separated now because of Covid. Although we talk often via video chat, it’s not the same as being there. I hope hugging this sweet doll reminds her of how loved she is.

Sharewood Forest Friends can be purchase on their website or Amazon.com

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