If you’re trying to work-from-home or your kids are distance learning, I bet you find yourself allowing the kids more screen time than you would like. Every parent has succumbed to the electronic babysitter to get things done. But there are other options and ways to exercise your child’s creativity and imagination while still entertaining them so you can have a few minutes of peace, and Codi, the Storytelling Robot is one of them.

Meet Codi – An Interactive, AI-Enabled Smart Robot For Kids from Pillar Learning

Codi – a sweet little robot – offers your child screen-free learning fun that’s portable and fun. Unlike the Alexa kids edition Echo Dot, Codi can travel around the house, outside, to a friend’s house, on vacation, and more to keep your child entertained and connected to you. Codi can do this because it’s equipped with onboard memory for offline play and batteries that provide about 10 hours of battery life. Plus, Codi is much more huggable than an  Echo Dot. In fact, Codi comes with a soft cuddly outfit (additional outfits are available separately) so it’s huggable and perfect for bedtime.

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Codi Content – Music, Stories, Messages, & Routines

Meet Codi - An Interactive, AI-Enabled Smart Robot from Pillar Learning - Parent App

Meet Codi – An Interactive, AI-Enabled Smart Robot from Pillar Learning – Parent App

Codi comes in handy from wake-up to bedtime and all the hours in between by playing music, reading stories, and sending and receiving messages to your child. The best part is that parents control what kids hear. Plus, daily routines can be included for gentle reminders to keep your child on task without having to constantly remind them. And, your child will never have to listen to ads or unsafe content – it doesn’t exist! Kid-safe music and books are available via the parent’s app (at an additional charge).

There are 100 classic songs and 100 stories available and content can be customized based on your child’s age and interests. Currently, there are three content playlists. The first includes songs that promote motor skill development while having fun. The second are stories with a focus on literacy development and socioemotional wellbeing. The third is a playlist of calming music to help your child control strong emotions on their own and to wind down for sleeping.

Codi, the education robot for kids, is appropriate for children ages twelve months and up.  Additionally, this AI-enabled toy is designed to grow with your child with future content releases and software improvements.

Codi is Popular!

He’s made such a splash onto the 2020 holiday scene that’s he sold out on Amazon and Walmart! It could be because he was featured on Shark Tank recently.

SHARK TANK - "Episode 1125Ó (ABC/Eric McCandless)

SHARK TANK – “Episode 1125Ó (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Where to Buy Codi

If you’re looking for a gift to keep your child entertained and provide a few minutes of peace for yourself, then it’s time to check out Codi. He (she?) can be purchased directly from Pillar Learning or, Walmart.com, and Amazon.

Codi Interactive Reading Robot for Kids - Great Gift

Codi Interactive Reading Robot for Kids – Great Gift