Yes, I’m one of THOSE people who love to give practical gifts, especially when it comes to stocking stuffers.  Now unlike my aunt who gave me deodorant as a teen, I try to find items that are useful, but are also the best in their line or offer something special – like a bit of humor, something extra, or something I know the recipient would never buy, but would probably love to have.  Last year everyone got Poo-Pourri. Laugh, but they all loved it and we had fun with the tongue in cheek packaging and the laughter-inducing names.

This year is 2020 and quite honestly the year from hell, so finding meaningful and useful stocking stuffers were easy.  Everything we need to stay safe on a daily basis, and as the stores are wiped free from every single roll of toilet paper for the second time in a year, a reminder that this isn’t over yet!

Smart Care Licensed Products & Hand Sanitizer

One thing we all learned by the disappearance of hand sanitizers from the store shelves is that not all of them are equal. Many people were mistakenly buying anything that had the word “sanitizer” on it, but many of them were no more effective than a baby wipe in killing viruses.  It’s important that you buy from companies you trust and that have a track record. Then you need to be sure you select sanitizers with 60-85% alcohol by volume – it’s critical in its effectiveness.  Also, don’t just buy a bottle of isopropyl alcohol from the drug store and call it good. Ethanol has been proven to be more effective.

While you’re reading the label, check out what additional ingredients have been added.  A good sanitizer will offer ingredients like Aloe to help smooth your skin and reduce the dryness associated with alcohol. Without it, you’re going to need to use hand cream to keep the pain of dry skin under control.

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Smart Care is a line of products for home, work, and travel. They’ve been producing quality products since 2015 and sanitizer is just a small fraction of the health and wellness products available. These products include Liquid Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, tissues, bandages, diaper wipes, and more. 

Smart Care Hand Sanitizers Health Products - fun and practical stocking stuffers for 2020

Smart Care Hand Sanitizers Health Products – fun and practical stocking stuffers for 2020

For the toddlers and school-age kids, there are licensed products which include:

  • Fischer Price – character training pants, wipes, Brush Buddies – My First Soniclean, toddler toothbrush & teething ring, tooth & gum wipes, pacifier & toy wipes, & water baby wipes
  • Minions – antibacterial wipes, sunscreen spray, tissues, children ages 2+ cloth-based mask (washable up to 20 times), & nasal wipes
  • Jurassic World – tissue, children ages 2+ cloth-based mask (washable up to 20 times), & sunscreen spray
  • Trolls – sunscreen spray, children ages 2+ cloth-based mask (washable up to 20 times), tissues & facial tissues
  • Barbie – facial tissues, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, sunscreen spray
  • Emoji – antibacterial wipes, nasal wipes, facial tissue & tissues
  • Thomas & Friends – tissue, first aid kit, facial tissue & sunscreen spray
  • JoJo Siwa – hand sanitizer & tissue box
  • Shopkins – bandages
  • Hot Wheels – hand sanitizer & first aid kit
  • Blippi – hand sanitizer (my granddaughter’s favorite Youtube character)
  • Paw Patrol – hand sanitizer
  • Marvel Hand Sanitizer – Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Panther

I ordered first aid kids for both toddlers, hand sanitizer, and the children ages 2+ cloth-based mask (washable up to 20 times) for the 4-year old. She’s currently wearing a cloth one, but it seems like having an extra in a character she loves would be a bonus. Plus at just about $2, it’s ok if it gets tossed after one use.

I’m thrilled with the stocking stuffers I purchased and even happier that most of what I wanted was on sale and it had an additional discount for Black Friday!

Doctor Plotka™’s Travel Toothbrush

There’s nothing worse than eating a fantastic lunch and then having to smell what you ate the rest of the day in your mask. Yuck! But by keeping this travel toothbrush and some toothpaste in your car, you can enjoy your own breath in no time!

This travel toothbrush was created by Dr. Plotka, a Dentist in the Boston area.  He’s provided care to his patience for 40-years and in that time he’s also pioneered several oral healthcare advancements.

Doctor Plotka™’s Travel Toothbrush - a great practical stocking stuffer - embedded with silver to kill viruses and bacteria

Doctor Plotka™’s Travel Toothbrush – a great practical stocking stuffer – embedded with silver to kill viruses and bacteria

This travel toothbrush is part of a line of manual toothbrushes for adults and children that promise to give your teeth a just-left-the-dentist clean. The brushes are “infused with silver to naturally eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi on your brush.” That means that within a few hours of using your brush, the nano-silver embedded in the brush will work as an anti-microbial agent to kill everything that’s landed on it or bumped up next to it.

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Like all toothbrushes, Doctor Plotka’s manual toothbrushes should be replaced about every three months. That’s not because the silver particles have disappeared, it’s because normal brushing wears down the bristles.

You can purchase Doctor Plotka’s brushes on his website –, Whole Foods Markets, or


Go leaf-free on your next trip into the woods. This TP Kit is waterproof, contains everything you need – each kit includes five tissues and two wet wipes in a pocketable pack. They’re available in a single or 10-unit box, are resealable and biodegradable (but pack it out, okay!), and lightweight.

Stocking Stuffers Practical Options TP Kit

Stocking Stuffers Practical Options TP Kit

But you don’t have to be an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy the benefits of this kit. Keep several when you travel, especially to countries where toilet paper isn’t generally offered, or in your car for those emergencies that pop up during heavy traffic or long drives.

Find out more about the TP Kits at their website and signup for their mailing list for 10% off.

AirPop Masks

AirPop has been creating masks since 2015 and is considered the world’s first “air wearables” company. They’ve created masks that let the user breath comfortably while still filtering over 99.3% particles and 99.9% of bacteria. And it does all this in a mask that’s comfortable to wear and one that isn’t tossed in the trash after wearing.  These masks have filters that can be used for up to 40 hours within a washable and reusable mask, which means you can be safe without creating a massive amount of medical waste!

Airpop SE Light Face Mask

Airpop SE Light Face Mask

AirPop offers a few different mask models, including the ergonomic Light SE, the ultra-portable AirPop pocket, and the kid-friendly AirPop Kids. Visit their website for more information and to purchase a few for family and friends! They’re also available on

SPLATZ! Fun Soap for Kids

Washing your hands isn’t fun, but with COVID on the loose, it’s a must. It’s hard enough for us adults, but for kids, there has to be more of an incentive to wash than staying away from some germs they can’t see, hear, or feel.

Splatz Fun Soap for Kids

Splatz Fun Soap For Kids

Parents can add some fun to the handwashing routine with SPLATZ, a patent-pending formula with all-natural ingredients. It’s made in the USA and tested by kids and families and not on animals  It’s safe, effective, and most importantly – FUN!  And fun encourages kids to wash their hands more and longer.  To use, kids pop one bursting soap bubble into the sink or tub (and away from the face), then use the liquid to soap up, then rinse away. Recommended for kids ages 2+

Find out more and shop for SPLATZ at their website

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