We’re thrilled to partner with ESCORT to tell you about the ESCORT MAX 3 Radar Detector; however, all opinions are our own. Please always drive safely.

I bought my 2020 Hyundai Sante FE during the Coronavirus Pandemic. It was a matter of necessity as I’ll be crossing the state several times this summer and the expense of driving a 7-passenger van with a huge engine, plus the uncertainty of traversing three mountain passes alone, made for a worrisome bit of travel.  Instead, we made the leap from the automobile dark ages and bought a car with lots of technology. So much so that you’d think I wouldn’t be looking for add-ons for such a new car, but one thing that’s not available as standard equipment is a Radar Detector

Radar Detectors are Legal.

There’s a common misconception that radar detectors are illegal. According to ESCORT, radar detectors are currently legal in 49 states. Only the state of Virginia and the District of Columbia have outlawed them. 8/20/20

ESCORT Max 3 Radar Detector #ad, #EscortMAX3

Radar detectors can be more than just a way to avoid a speeding ticket. Many, like the ESCORT MAX 3 have become driver alert systems that let you use the benefits of popular apps like Waze to help you get around the traffic, accidents, and road construction. Real-time alerts can be shared through the community app that’s free for users purchasing included ESCORT products, but there’s also a small price for those that haven’t added one yet.  This community of drivers is your connection to the world around you so there are few surprises once you hit the road.

Installing the ESCORT MAX 3 Radar Detector.

The unit is plug-and-play meaning there’s no complicated set-up or even pairing required. From stick up to start, it took me about 3-minutes to install, and most of that time was spent deciding exactly where to put it (center of the windshield between the driver and passenger, with a view of the road ahead and the sky).

ESCORT MAX 3 Radar Detector - What's included #ad, #EscortMAX3

Installing the ESCORT MAX 3 couldn’t be simpler. It comes packaged with everything you need – a compact zippered travel case, SmartCord USB charger with AutoMute, and EZ MAG Mount that keeps your detector firmly in place on your windshield. Additional EZ MAG Mounts (part 0020081-1) can be purchased separately for additional autos. Once the cup was in place, the EZ Mag Mount™ magnet holds the detector in place. There’s nothing to unscrew, just grasp the unit firmly and pull it away from the mounting cup.

The unit is ready to use from the moment you plug it in. The included Smart USB cord shows a green light to let you know it’s receiving power and a red blinking light to tell you it’s receiving a laser or radar alert. You can press the mute button to quiet the current audio alert or press it three times to lock-out a false alert. 

If you want to be an active driver and help the community, when you’re connected to a Wi-FI Hotspot or ESCORT Live (see below), you can report a police officer observing traffic or manually report a verified X or K-band alert by pressing and holding the mute button down. I’m not coordinated to do all that even pulled over (please don’t drive and use ANY electronic devices), so I’ve been a passive user enjoying the work of others so far.   A new car and new detector are enough for me to tackle right now.

ESCORT MAX 3 Detector Features.


Using intelligent GPS-based technology, the MAX 3 learns your route and rejects false alerts.


Red light and speed camera alerts are provided via an advanced database so you’ll know in advance the areas to avoid.


In-Vehicle Filtering Technology (IVT Filter) reduces false alerts. Firmware and database updates are done manually via Detector Tools Pro software and a USB cord via your computer. If you require a detector that updates automatically, you’ll need to upgrade to the MAX 360c or REDLINE 360c which are premium units.


Currently, the MAX 3 provides protection against all laser threats (aka Light Detection and Ranging. LIDAR) – including variable pulse rate detection.


The one thing missing for me is a dashcam. It seems more than ever, it’s important to catch what happens while you’re on the road. You may never need to view the video taken, but there’s peace of mind knowing it’s there in case of an accident or injury. Thankfully, the MAX 3 is compatible and optimized to work with the M1 Dash Cam to provide Full HD 1080p crystal-clear video day or night I’m looking forward to checking it out soon!

ESCORT Live App – Crowdsourcing & Connecting with Real Drivers.

When you’re ready for more interaction, driving alerts, and directions, Join the ESCORTcommunity of real drivers who share and receive over 100 million real-time alerts every year. These crowd-sourced alerts are possible through the MAX 3’s Bluetooth connectivity. Download the ESCORT Live App and you’ll have access to it all (a small fee is required if you’re not an ESCORT detector owner). Now pair your compatible smartphone with the MAX 3’s Bluetooth feature and you’re set.

Choose the type of alert you want to see (hear) and set the features you want to use.  My favorites are the Over Speed Limit warning which allows me to set how many miles over the limit I should be going before it warns me. I also like to see the areas of heavy traffic near me so I can avoid them. 

ESCORT’S Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee.

ESCORT will pay for your radar or laser( Light Detection and Ranging – LIDAR) speeding ticket (subject to the terms and conditions which can be found on their website) for one year from the date of purchase. That’s how confident they are about their radar detectors.

The ESCORT Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee is only currently applicable to their Redline 360c / Redline EX / MAX 360c / MAX 360 / MAX 3 / Escort iX / Escort iXc which are purchased directly from Escort either through their toll-free number at 1-800-757-1308 or their e-commerce site located at www.EscortRadar.com.

Small Town ESCORT Live App Coverage.

The area I’m living in now is very rural with nothing wider than a two-lane with a middle turn lane here and there. Stoplights are unheard of – in fact the last one on my way here is two hours away. Alerts are much less frequent here and I’ve yet to get a radar alert, but it recognizes the traffic slowdown outside the local grocery store.  

But I know on my next trip home, I’ll be able to use the alerts to make route choices and I’m sure the radar alerts will be popping!  But even in this remote area, the ESCORT MAX 3 displays the road’s speed limit and my current speed so I can tell in a glance if I’m obeying the speed limit.  Some of these highways and byways only have signs near intersections and it’s easy to forget when speeds are lowered or raised due to the terrain.  One quick peek and I know I’m on track.

I’d never encourage anyone to speed, but I do on occasion, and I’d like to do it safely and the ESCORT MAX 3 does that for me. It’s one easy way to know what the road conditions are on my route, to monitor my speed based on the local speed limits, and to set alerts to let me know audibly if I go over those limits. Plus it provides detailed maps with the identities of even the smallest businesses in this town that’s so remote that Google hasn’t ventured out to all of it yet.

In fact, Google’s information is so sketchy that it’s not uncommon at all to have someone say Google sent them to a road that no longer exists. I haven’t found that to be the case with the LIVE app yet.

Do you use a radar detector in your driving? Do you find it makes you a more cautious driver or does it give you the freedom to drive knowing you’ll be warned if there’s anything you should be concerned about ahead. This is my first detector, so I’m curious to know!