We’ve partnered with the Washington State Health Benefit Exchange to share information on how easy it is to compare health and dental insurance plans during the open enrollment period. As always, all opinions are our own.

UPDATE: There’s still time to get covered. Sign up by December 30 to get coverage that starts February 1st! 

I know that this is a busy time of the year and the number of things we put on our to-do lists can seem overwhelming, but there is one thing you need to do that’s more important than anything else on your list. If you need to enroll in a qualified health or dental plan through the Washington Healthplanfinder for 2020, you need to set aside time to do it TODAY. The deadline in Washington state is December 30th and while the process has been streamlined for ease, you still need time to find the provider that’s perfect for YOUR family.

Washington Healthplanfinder: Our Experience

It’s our first time participating in the program and I probably spent more time than most because I know how important it is to have the right coverage after my $200K+ cardiac arrest in February. I also have Multiple Sclerosis so I wanted a plan that covers my existing doctors and services, which is not easy when you have several and they’re in different locations. 

While you hopefully don’t have as many health issues, you may have health practitioners you want to stay with and you’ll need to verify they’re a part of your chosen health care plan.

Thankfully, you can get help your way and plan for how you live with Washington Healthplanfinder’s various resources:

Should You Be Shopping for Health and Dental Coverage?

Not sure if you should be shopping for health and/or dental coverage? You may need to if you’ve left your job and lost your insurance coverage. You might qualify for gap coverage via a special enrollment period through Washington Healthplanfinder, so you and your finances aren’t left open to a disaster.

You may also have joined the gig-economy and find yourself self-employed without coverage. Sure, the flexible hours and freedom of being your own boss are great, but not having health insurance can be worrisome. Covering yourself and your family can give you peace of mind.

You have a lot on your holiday to-do list - make sure signing up for your health/dental plan at @waplanfinder before December 15th and taking care of yourself are at the top of your list!
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You have a lot on your holiday to-do list – make sure signing up for your health/dental plan at Washington Healthplanfinder before December 15th and taking care of yourself are at the top of your list!

Self-care is Important – Easy Ways to Do More for Your Mental and Physical Well Being

Whether you’re working for yourself or someone else and covering your own medical or receiving it as a benefit from your employer, your most important asset is you. Keeping yourself in top shape mentally and physically is a way to reward yourself. Self-care can be as simple as listening to self-hypnosis or meditation programs, taking on a walking routine to get you moving, or doing some easy yoga moves by following along with an online program.  Invite those people in your life that you care the most for to join you so you all benefit!

Check your new healthcare provider to see what free assistance they provide for wellness. Many offer information, programs, and online support to get you started and keep you on your path. 

Are you ready to take on the holidays AFTER you finish your health/dental care sign up today? Don’t forget, in Washington State the deadline is December 30th!