Chum Ehelepola is an international comedian who is best known for his role in “Lady Dynamite” on FOX and Netflix, and his role as Anil on “Lodge 49.” He’s currently set to star as Ramtish in Disney’s upcoming live-action MULAN

Ehelepola has had a successful career both in the US and Australia. While he was born in New Zealand, Ehelepola was raised in Sri Lanka and Australia. He co-starred in the Australian series ‘The Surgeon’ with Sam Worthington, and ‘The Straits’ beside Brian Cox.

Additionally, Ehelepola starred in the miniseries ‘How to Talk Australians,’ directed by Tony Rogers, He is currently filming “Stateless,” a TV series that releases in 2020. It’s the story of how four peoples’ lives are deeply affected by the world’s current immigration systems.


Ramtish is a new character debuting in this film. His purpose is to provide comedic relief while introducing the new storyline which focuses on Mulan’s honor and bravery. But unlike the original well-loved 1998 animated film, this one won’t have any actors breaking out in song. No, this version is not a musical; however, to appease fans, Disney has recreated the original tunes in instrumental versions and they will be featured instead.

Disney's Live-Action MULAN in theatres March 2020
Disney’s Live-Action MULAN in theatres March 2020

More About Disney’s Live-Action Film MULAN

Ehelepola stars with Liu Yifei as Mulan (THE FORBIDDEN KINGSDOM), Donnie Yen as Commander Tung (ROGUE ONE)Jet Li as The Emperor (THE WARLORDS), and Jason Scott Lee as Bori Khan (DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY).  Niki Caro, writer and director of WHALE RIDER, directed the film. 

Mulan is set to hit theaters on March 27th, 2020. 

Fans of Chum can keep up to date with him on social media at: Instagram: @chumehelepola and Twitter: @ChumEhelepola

Are you ready for a non-musical MULAN? There are more surprises in store as some of the beloved characters have been changed or cut. We’re looking forward to finding out more as the filming progresses.

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