We’ve partnered with Comcast to provide information on their Season of Giving program; all opinions are our own.

The Pacific Northwest is known for its beauty, but it’s also becoming known as the home to many homeless people. No longer is this just a big-city issue as more families find it harder to make ends meet and housing prices keep increasing. Those without a place to call home have had to find temporary shelter where they can.  

Families who become homeless often times are choosing to keep their children in the schools they’ve become accustomed to which means living in a car, motorhome, tent, or similar temporary housing. It’s not unusual to find families living in local parks and parking lots trying to provide the least amount of disruption for their children. These families struggle with underemployment, lack of childcare, and the high cost of housing.

It’s because of this need that companies like Comcast have partnered with local providers like Mary’s Place to help those in need. But not just with the immediate needs of shelter, food, and clothing, but they’re also working to give families an opportunity to get access to the educational tools they’ll need to be successful.

Comcast Contributes $250K to Mary’s Place

Recently, the new  Xfinity Store by Comcast at Northgate Mall hosted an event to announce Comcast in Washington’s $250,000 contribution to Mary’s Place to provide technology resources, job readiness, and digital skills training at their emergency family shelters. They’ll do this by providing new laptops and the development of a computer lab where they’ll be able to facilitate digital literacy and use tech volunteers to teach coding classes.  This new technology and internet connectivity will allow residents to connect to stable housing and other resources online. 

This new contribution to bridge the digital divide for Seattle’s homeless is part of Comcast’s commitment to connecting low-income communities to the Internet. Called the Internet Essentials program, it’s already connected over 260,000 families in Washington state. Of those, more than 100K are right here in King County.

Check out the new Xfinity Retail Store at Northgate Mall

Additional stores are located at: 2202 Westlake Ave Suite 116 Seattle, WA; 
3105 Alderwood Mall Boulevard, Suite Q Lynnwood, WA;  8900 161st Ave NE, Suite 125 Redmond, WA; and  3630 Factoria Blvd SE Bellevue, WA 

Internet Essentials from Comcast

Affordable Internet at Home for Eligible Households

The Internet Essentials program is designed for low-income families and other low-income households that meet Comcast Xfinity’s current eligibility guidelines.  This program provides affordable Internet access, the chance to purchase a low-cost computer, plus access to an exclusive Learning Center to help with everything from online safety and security as well as employment resources, educational opportunities, and tutorial all at no extra charge! 

Who’s Eligible for Internet Essentials from Comcast?