We received a Sunny the Giraffe LampyPets to facilitate this review; all opinions are our own. You can find out more and connect online with Lampypets on their Facebook Page or the LampyPets Website. LampyPets can be purchased at LampyPets.com and Amazon.com.

Brighten up your child’s room with one of these adorable LampyPets!  These fun desklamps for kids will bring a bit of whimsy to homework time. They’re also perfect for reading in bed and double as a nightlight!

LampyPets come in several different animal designs — each with touch sensor controls and three brightness settings (3000K, 4300K, and 6000K). The animal’s eyes control the lamp. Lightly pass your finger over the left eye and the primary light cycles through low, medium, and high brightness.  The right eye turns on the nightlight located in his tummy on/off.  Press and hold the eye to turn off all lights.

The energy-saving LED bulbs included in the lamps are rated to last up 20,000 hours so they should last for years. Additionally, some of the LampyPets are designed with additional features like a pencil holder. The lamps can be adjusted by moving the neck (or trunk) side to side.

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These desk lamps for kids are heavyweight (2.9 pounds!) so you don’t need to worry about them tipping over, and they’re generously sized (the giraffe is 16″ tall!), so they’re not just functional, but they’re a statement piece. The lights are made from high-grade ABS (the same material that LEGOs are made from), so they’re durable and safe for kids! Plus, there’s no assembly required – plug it in and enjoy!

While these are intended for children, but they’re also perfect for those of us who are still children at heart. I’ve been using this fun lamp while crocheting. The adjustable light lets me choose the amount of light I need including the brightest setting which allows me to see my work with ease.  I’d been planning on giving the lamp to my granddaughter, but I am enjoying it so much I may just have to keep it!

Add a Cute LampyPet to Your Child’s Bedroom or Nursery Decor!

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November 14, 2018 -