I love glitter, especially at the holidays. A few of these are crafts I made a few years ago and others are ones that I love and would like to make soon.

Click on the title of any one of the crafts to visit the designer’s website and get the step-by-step instructions for the holiday craft.

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Gorgeous Glitter Pinecone Wreath DIY Tutorial by Another Bright Idea

We love the non-traditional colors of the Christmas Wreaths put together by Another Bright Idea (check out the site for more). Pinecones picked from the ground are combined with easy-to-find accents from a craft store like teal snowflake wired ribbon, pearl sprays, all arranged on a wire wreath form.

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Glam Glitter Champagne Glasses DIY Tutorial by Something Turquoise

glam glitter champagne glass DIY by SomethingTurquoise.com

This inexpensive and easy painting project will only take you about an hour to complete. My favorite Martha Stewart Pearl Paints and pouncers are used along with small letter stencils and Martha Stewart Stencil Tape to turn plain champagne glasses into one-of-a-kind and personalized keepsake glasses to give as a gift, use to toast in the New Year or to fill with Mimosas on Christmas morning.

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How to add glitter to a flameless candle instructions

Create your own glittered candles from flameless - pretty, practical and safer!

This is a Christmas craft we did in 2014. We still love the updated look of these flameless candles.

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Mini Glitter Christmas Trees by Burlap and Blue

A super easy and inexpensive craft made with styrofoam cones (these come in a multitude of sizes). The kids can help you with this Christmas Craft or let them do it themselves as it only requires glitter and glue. The samples were made with spray adhesive and a spray on clearcoat – if kids are participating, Elmer’s School Glue and a sponge brush are perfect. Just cover sections with extra fine glitter as you go,(extra fine is worth the extra cost as it covers more completely and you won’t see the white styrofoam underneath as it does in the samples above), and pour off the excess glitter onto paper and reuse.

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Make your own Sequin-covered Christmas Tree by Baby to Boomer Lifestyle

DIY Sequin Christmas Tree

It takes patience, but you’re rewarded with a shiny Christmas decoration!  Made with a paper mache cone, sequins in teal and silver, 5/8″ sheer organza ribbon in aqua, platinum bugle beadsround gems, a Mini 10″ Canadian Pine Wreath, and  a hot glue gun

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Glitter Stars – A Simple Christmas Craft for Kids or Adults to Make by The Artful Parent | Kids Art & Family Creativity

Wood star craft 16 Super easy and cute! Popsicle sticks are glued and glittered to transform them into Christmas stars.  The craft sticks are available in plenty of different sizes and widths so you can get creative. The designer used a hot glue gun to assemble these, however, you can use School Glue instead if young children are participating.  I recommend extra-fine glitter for better coverage and more shimmer – painting them the same color as the glitter helps too (my favorite paint is Martha Stewart Acrylics). These homemade Christmas stars are hung with fairy lights above for a homey look, but you could use them as ornaments on a tree, hang them in a window, or string them outdoors (use a spray clear coat to protect them outside).

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DIY Gold Glittered Mason Jar Vases by 

DIY Gold Glittered Mason Jar Vases

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Poster on Canvas DIY Wall Art: Easy Holiday Decor for $10

Poster on Canvas DIY Wall Art: Easy Holiday Decor for $10 - step-by-step and photo instructions

This is an easy Christmas craft I did in 2014 – I can’t believe it’s been that long ago! Santa still goes above our fireplace every holiday season. I made it with a Cavallini Christmas poster – I love their vintage papers, wrapping papers, and more.

Are you ready for the holiday season?

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