I’ve been talking quite a bit lately with my older women friends about makeup a lot recently. It seems that the products that I’ve used for years are no longer suited for me. most notably, anything that goes around or under my eyes. For instance,  my concealer and foundation are too drying for my already dry under eye area causing the dryness to become even more exaggerated – it’s not a pretty look!

The other issue is that the cream eyeshadows that I’ve favored for years are also finding their way into my wrinkles and forming lines of color that are made more evident by the shimmer in the cream. It’s time that I overhaul my entire makeup routine and switch to products that are made for aging skin. I also need to learn new ways to apply the quality makeup that I do use like my foundation – it’s still one that I love, but it no longer works under my eyes, so I wear concealer only there.


The video above speaks explicitly to those of ‘us who are experiencing the issues of applying and wearing makeup on our older skin while using it to camouflage our perceived flaws and enhance the areas we like. It’s a long and quite detailed video, but there is a wealth of information. For instance, older women should start with a toner. But not any toner and not one with alcohol.  Use it before you moisturize and choose one with Calendula.

You’ll also find out why matte eyeshadow is your new best friend, but there is a place for an eyeshadow with shimmer too. Also, tips on how to line your eyes, curl your lashes and keep your brows growing in the right direction.

What’s so fantastic about this video is that this is makeup you can do yourself at home and much of it is very affordable! I’ve included links below to more information and to purchase the products shown in the video. The model is Dawn Gallagher (@dawnlgallagher) a beauty expert, bestselling author, and QVC Brand rep. The makeup artist with 40-years of experience is Joseph Boggess.

List of Products Used in this Video – Makeup Recommendations for Mature Skin

What did you think? Did you learn some new tips & tricks for making your mature skin look fabulous? I did!