THE IN-CROWD HUB post is sponsored by Mirum; however, all opinions are my own.

Every year I get an itch to buy a new computer. The new models always seem to be faster, smarter, and better looking and I just can’t resist them. But then I start shopping for a new computer, and I remember that I HATE trying to decide which one to buy!

I’ve bought so many lemon machines over the years because I didn’t know what features and services I needed to support the work I do.  A home computer that is used for surfing the web and sending email isn’t one that’s going to work for me. I need to be able to find a computer with the processing speed I need to create graphics and work simultaneously in several programs.


THE IN-CROWD HUB: Picture what’s possible with Intel #ad #IntelINCROWD

For my needs, I buy INTEL-based devices. I choose them because they are perfect for everyday computer activities and they produce the vibrant colors and sharp images I prefer. Plus, with additional Intel Graphics Technology, they can display photos and streamed content up to 4K. Also, Intel-based devices are light and stylish with sharp screens, and they offer the fast speeds that I need.

Luckily for me, there’s now a simpler way to find the computer that fits my needs. THE IN-CROWD HUB at HSN (INTEL.HSN.COM) is the place to find exclusive videos and more about products with Intel inside.

There’s a Find Your Perfect PC with Intel Insidequiz designed to target your needs. Answer a few simple questions about where and how you’ll be using the computer, and you’re rewarded with devices that fit your lifestyle. My list of recommendations was right on, which makes me feel good about the choice I made on my own before I found this fabulous resource. If only I had found it before I committed all of those hours of research I did on my own!

There’s also a processor comparison chart that explains the different Intel processors and points out their features and strengths, so you have the info when you look over the choices presented to you for your consideration.


But THE IN-CROWD HUB is more than just a place to help you select a new Intel-based PC. Think of it as your resource connection for all-things Intel. You’ll find new products and information including a video series that explains the various Intel-based devices available.

This month the focus is on Graphics: Picture what’s possible with Intel. You’ll also find videos like SSD VS HDD: Get Smarter About Computer Storage; Battery Life: Go Further on a Single Charge; and 2-In-1 Laptops: One Devices, Twice the Possibilities, and more.  In November a new educational video focused on Intel-based devices and technologies will be added. You can use these videos to help you understand what’s under the hood of your new computer or to assist you in choosing the right one.

Are you ready to experience THE IN-CROWD HUB? What info do you need to know before choosing your next Intel-based device?