Halloween is that one time of year that you’re allowed to let loose and become someone, or something, else! There are plenty of fun DIY costume tutorials out there, but if you don’t have time to create your own couples costumes, we’ve picked out a few fun you may enjoy.

Halloween Couples Costumes for 2017

The first is our favorite. As a fan of Bob Ross and his unique painting show which unintentionally put viewers at ease garnering it a cult following, it’s the costume we’d choose if we were to dress as a couple.

What’s your Halloween couples costume style? Fun & Sassy? Sexy or sweet? Silly or funny? There are so many fun ways to dress up for this popular holiday. It’s amazing a number of costumed party goers we see every year. It’s fun to see how people’s personalities come out when they dress up in a costume. Especially if their face is covered.

One year I dressed up as a Disney’s Captain Hook with a full beard, long hair wig, bushy eyebrows, and all. No one in my office knew who I was underneath all of that or that I was actually a woman! I think that was my favorite Halloween of all.

Which is your favorite couples costume? Do you have a memorable Halloween?

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