Every school year it’s the same….I need a backpack, but I don’t know what’s considered cool this year? Every parent has had this “discussion” with their kids, and after we roll our eyes, we remember back to our own time in school and give in and start looking for the coolest backpack ever. But which one? There are hundreds of styles for girls, boys, teens, etc.  Do I go sporty or plain? Trendy? Stylish? Functional? Decorative?  Or DIY my own? Well here are the best selling backpacks on Amazon right now, so they’re hot and popular and maybe just right for your student too!

Current Best Selling School Backpacks

Notice anything about all of these best-selling school backpacks? They’re BLACK.  All black. For crying out loud, how do you figure out which is yours? Skip down the page for some bags we love – florals, prints, color blocks, and more! Plus some teen-approved not-quite-all-black versions. Gesh, things sure haven’t changed much since I was a kid in high school in the late 70’s. Conformation still reigns…and that’s just sad!

High Sierra Loop Backpack (Black/Charcoal) This backpack comes in 31 color and print combinations! We like the Aquamarine/Ash/White combo below

Jansport Superbreak Backpack (Black)

This popular bag also comes in zebra, rainbow tie dye, aqua, teal, pink, multicolor tribal stripes, flying cats, pink preppy tie-die, pink, white, navy, moonshine, stripes, chevron stripes and more.

We say be different, stand out, be bold! Here are our choices for 2017 School Backpacks

For those that want to blend in, but still want to be able to pick your backpack out in a crowd, here are some teen-approved styles:

With schools starting earlier every year it seems now is the time to shop for back-to-school necessities! Are you ready?