Rock painting has become a bit of a phenomenon and clubs are springing up all over the US to paint and hid rocks to encourage strangers and make their day (read Painted Rocks: What’s It All About & How to Find a Group Near You!). But while you may be excited about joining in the fun, it can be quite daunting knowing what tools to use or buy and how to go beyond simple paintings to begin to create little works of art to leave for others. That’s where the book Art on the Rocks: More than 35 colorful & contemporary rock-painting projects, tips, and techniques to inspire your creativity!  comes in to play. Written by F. Sehnaz Bac, Marisa Redondo, and Margaret Vance, it has 268 stunning color images of painted rocks ideas, hints, and tips plus a list of their favorite supplies.

About Authors/Artists

This artist knows rocks. In fact,  F. Sehnaz Bac creates some of the most stunning painted stones and sells them on her Etsy site. This Italian artist lives in Albia Adriatica, a small town on the Adriatic Sea. Her works range in price from $6 for postcards of exquisitely painted rocks to several hundred for an intricately painted stone or coordinating set of rocks.  She also offers in her collection Hand Painted Stone Mandala Bracelets that allow you to wear her fine art.

Marisa Redondo is known mostly for her watercolors and oils. It’s through these mediums that she explores nature’s creations with organic patterns and through intricate details.  You’ve likely seen her popular Wild Ones animal art which has been super popular art for children’s rooms and nurseries. She shares her art via

Margaret Vance paints beautifully vibrant and colorful rock art full of intricate detail and pattern. As in nature, no two painted stones are alike. Each stone and its design are unique. Margaret works with shape, size, and texture to create a unique mix of art and nature. Learn more at

About the Book

These three ladies put together an overview of this modern craft, including reviewing the best tools and materials, though not by name, just the types. For example, rather than using the popular paint pens like Sharpie Oil-Based paint pens, the Japanese-imported Uni Posca Markers,  or Elmer’s Painters Pens, Bac prefers to use acrylic ink with a dipping pen.

The book also goes over the process of gathering or purchasing stones and then prepping them. Once the basics are out of the way, the three artists provide instructions for painting 25 different rocks including intricate mandalas (sunset, nature, blue, color, flower, and dandelion), plus patterns (hearts, flowers, petroglyphs, dot pattern, garden pattern, striped feather, and star feather), animals (dragonfly, hummingbird, turtle, owl, fish, and fox), and nature (raindrops, tree rings, leaf, butterfly wing, owlet, and nature pattern). There are projects for the beginner painter to the more advanced. From full-color patterns with incredible details to simple symbols in white.

Even if you don’t find a project that’s perfect for you, the step-by-step instructions give you the knowledge you need to step out on your own. You’ll know when to varnish the rock before you paint and when you do after. Which products provide cleaner lines, and which fade in the sun.

You may think painting on rocks is a no-brainer, but once you read Art on the Rocks, you’ll find you’re able to do more than just paint, you’ll be able to create something you’ll love.

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Art on the Rocks: More than 35 colorful & contemporary rock-painting projects, tips, and techniques to inspire your creativity!