It’s estimated that there are over 500 painted rock groups across the US and more internationally. But why are all of these people suddenly joining together to create works of art on painted rocks? It turns out it’s to spread joy and kindness to others and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

The painted rock movement is said to have been created by Megan Murphy of Massachusetts. She lives in Cape Cod and realized beachgoers were searching for unique rocks along with shells and beach glass, so she started the Kindness Rocks Project With nothing more than beach stones and a Sharpie, she created messages of kindness and hope and then returned the decorated rocks to the beach to be found by visitors. The rocks soon hit social media, and the program began to grow and blossom.

Kitsap Rocks Hidden Rock Facebook Group

My introduction to hidden rocks was through the Facebook group Kitsap Rocks They’re a group of homeschooling parents who wanted to create a community art project for their kids to participate in. From their small beginnings, their group has grown to over 6000 members which include children, non-artists, and plenty of fine artists who create rocks that would be hard to pass on.

Artists post their pieces in the Facebook group and give hints as to where they’ll be hidden. I have often considered making the ferry trip over to try my hand at finding some of these amazing pieces.

See what’s been hidden and found in Kitsap here.

Painting styles on these hidden rocks run the gamut from simple designs to works of art because participation doesn't require talent, only the desire to have fun and do something kind for others. Painted Rocks - What's it all about and how to find a group near you! Plus a list of groups in Washington State

Painting styles on these hidden rocks run the gamut from simple designs to works of art because participation doesn’t require talent, only the desire to have fun and do something kind for others.

Painted Rocks – Finders Keepers?

What all of the painted rock groups have in common is that they encourage creativity and community. Participants paint rocks, add a URL and hashtag encouraging the finder to post a picture of themselves with the rock on the group’s social media page along with where the rock was found. The finder can keep the rock or rehide it for someone else to find.

Finder’s are encouraged to take the rock with them and hide it in their hometown or while on vacation, and that’s how rocks from the US have been found all over the world. Think of it as a message in the bottle only instead of counting on the ocean to propel its travels; these painted rocks depend on humans to disperse them far and wide.

Painted Rock Groups – How to Find a Group Near You

Find the Painted Rock group near you by searching Facebook with your city name and the word “rocks.” You can also search at The Kindness Rocks Project. If you don’t find one, feel free to start your own!

Groups Registered with The Kindness Rocks ProjectSearch for a Painted Rock Group New You - Current Kindness Rock Locations

 Washington State Painted Rock Groups

Know of a group I missed? Please feel free to comment with the URL, and I’ll add it to the list.

Counties: Chelan CountyChelan/Douglas CountiesKing CountyKitsap County, Kittitas CountyMason County, Okanogan CountySkagit County, Snohomish County, Thurston County

Cities:   ArlingtonBelfairBellevue, Bellingham, BuckleyBurienBremerton, Camas, Castle Rock, Clarkson,  Des Moines, Edgewood, Edmonds, EllensburgEnumclawEverettFederal Way, Fife,  Grays Harbor, Hobart, Issaquah,  Kennewick,  KentKent/AuburnKirkland,  Leavenworth, Mercer IslandPort Angeles, Puyallup, Maple ValleyMill Creek,  Milton, Moses Lake,  Mount Vernon,   MukilteoOcean Shores, OnalaskaPasco, Poulsbo (PNW Rocks), Ravensdale,  Redmond Seattle, Sedro WolleyStanwood,  SultanSumner, Tacoma, Washougal, Wenatchee, Wenatchee/East WenatcheeVancouver,  Whidbey Island

Neighborhoods:  Fairwood, Tri-Cities RV,  East County (Grays Harbor, Elma, Monsanto), Puget Sound, Snoqualmie Valley, Western WashingtonYakima ValleyMethow Valley Rocks

Are you ready to join in the fun? We are! We’ll be joining some other empty nest moms in our area to start our own group.