By Carew Papritz—Author of the Award-Winning Bestselling Inspirational Book, The Legacy Letters

Summer reading?  For adults, a lovely luxury on the beach where you can’t wait to dive into your long-awaited page-turner.  For kids?  Given the choice between reading and teeth pulling, they’ll always choose teeth.  So how do we get our kids to read during the summer?  How do we gently yank them off their electronic playgrounds to spend a few moments a day actually enjoying a book?

Carew Papritz, the award-winning author of the bestselling inspirational book, The Legacy Letters, has found some innovative ways to “trick” your kids into reading this summer.

Trick Your Kids Into Reading by Author Carew Papritz

  • Get your kids a magazine subscription! Let your kids pick out an age appropriate magazine and sign up for a monthly subscription. They will be excited and anxious waiting for it to come. After all, kids love getting mail!
  • Create a backseat “E-Free Zone” and stock it with books and magazines. Maybe on long road trips, you carve out a time in which your kids just read.  With younger kids, play games in the car on that long summer road trip! Read road signs, restaurant names, etc. when you drive past them.
  • Make getting books part of your beach outing. Grab a book for the kids and yourself on your way and pack it along with snacks and toys. Set aside some time for relaxation after playtime and read!
  • Regular trips to the library! I remember my parents taking me to the library at least once a month. It was really fun getting to browse through the bookshelves. Pick out a book that goes with a movie and let them watch the movie afterward!
  • Read to your kids every night and more importantly engage your kids while you’re reading! Don’t just read out loud, ask questions during story time and have them read it back to you if they are able.

But it’s Carew’s unique one-of-a-kind summer activity for kids using YouTube that has parents and kids talking. So you’re asking yourself, “Why would I want my kids to watch YouTube to get them to read?”

 Discover the joy that one author brings to kids to get them reading again.  Join this exceptional summertime event at

Carew takes his love of the outdoors and his passion for reading and puts the two together in a his “I Love to Read” videos.  These short and fun video adventures take place while on horseback and on the top of volcanoes, while climbing Mayan temples and exploring Scottish castles, and even while downhill skiing and river rafting.

First-Ever YouTube Scavenger Hunt

Now Carew has gathered up his next crop of videos in “The First-Ever YouTube Scavenger Hunt.” In this one-of-a-kind summer event, he will be releasing 20 of his videos over a 10-week period and within the videos, he has hidden 5 copies of his book marked with a big yellow “X.”

Whoever finds all 5 books by the end of the event will win the grand prize of a Kindle Fire and a $150 Amazon Gift Certificate. In addition, there will be weekly bonus clues to search for items in Carew’s previous videos.  The weekly winner will receive a $50.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.

It’s free to sign up, easy to do, and you win great prizes!

What’s great about the videos is how easily it sparks a discussion about what this author is doing and why.  Not only does Carew “read” his book in different locations throughout the world, he also reads while trying out different professions such as a cowboy, firefighter, or a jet pilot. Parents can talk about geography, art, jobs, and reading and writing.  Carew’s wants kids to be curious, asking questions about all the things they can grow up to be—and still love reading!

Go to to sign up now!  By signing up, you will be the first to receive the latest videos and clues that go along with bonuses.  The Scavenger Hunt goes from June 15 to September 1st and you can sign up at any time to play.

This unique summertime event also helps charities.  If you buy a copy of The Legacy Letters at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any local bookstore, Carew will donate 100% of the profits to one of his favorite charities: The Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Again, this is another great reason to get parents and kids talking.  You can discuss with the child what a charity is and why it is important to give to others. And lastly, The Legacy Letters itself is a great conversation starter.  Just pick up a copy of the book or read some of the excerpts from the book at to discover why this inspirational book is enjoyed by both parents and kids—and sparks lots of conversation about a great many aspects of life.

The  Legacy Letters – His Wife, His Children, His Final Gift by Carew Papritz