What can you do to stop negative self-beliefs?

  • Question the limiting belief. Get curious about it: is it really true that I’m lazy or stupid? What does the evidence show? Is it based on solid fact, or is it based on feelings and early programming, or lack of understanding?
  • Remind yourself that negative self-belief is a habit. Each time we notice old ‘tapes’ playing in our head, we must constantly challenge them. Keep questioning yourself by asking things like: Is this really true? Or am I just tuning in to the clues my subconscious mind wants to recognize to reinforce my old beliefs about myself?
  • Do something differently. If we normally react to a stressor, memory, or challenge a certain way, and we don’t like the usual outcome, we can choose to respond differently. This tip is especially important to those of us with learning issues like dyslexia. We simply cannot learn efficiently the way most people teach. We have to discover our own learning style, processing style, writing style, and reading style. This takes great tenacity.

Quote on Tenacity by Don Winn - d - Don M Winn Keep Moving Forward, Maslow-Style - Reaching Your Full Potential

  • Tenacity is built on a foundation of self-worth. We build self-worth through seeing our weaknesses and struggles with compassion, not self-loathing. We may have had a vivid and active inner dialog of self-loathing our whole life, but with time and patience, we can change how we relate to ourselves. When we feel a self-limiting belief crop up, instead of getting instantly frustrated, we can learn to soothe ourselves through compassionate self-talk. Try something like this: “There goes my mind down that rabbit hole again. I understand why this happens sometimes. I was repeatedly told negative messages about myself by people who didn’t understand me or who got frustrated because they didn’t know how to help me. But I am learning to help myself. I am actually working very hard, and deserve to feel good about my whole-hearted efforts. I may have hit a roadblock here, but by persisting, I can get this figured out and do well with this challenge.”

Remember, dear readers, your past does not equal your future. Good or bad, we can’t go back. But we can, and shall, keep moving forward!

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