Here are some facts that have helped me see my negative self-beliefs from a new perspective:

  • Most negative beliefs about ourselves come from childhood, based on ideas we received from parents, teachers, or other authority figures. When a two-year-old says, “What’s that?” and an adult says, “That’s a dog,” we believe them. But what about when an adult says, “You’re just being lazy,” or “You’re stupid,” or “Why can’t you be more like your brother?” we also believe them. We grow up feeling inferior, believing that all the negative talk was gospel truth.

Negative Beliefs From Childhood - Don M Winn Keep Moving Forward, Maslow-Style - Reaching Your Full Potential

  • Negative beliefs about ourselves force us to filter the information in our lives to conform to the subconscious beliefs we have about self and the world. We can actually end up looking for evidence to prove how bad we are! How many times have we declared after some failure or disappointment, “I can’t do anything right,” or “I’ll never be good enough to ______.”
  • Negative beliefs about ourselves force us to live below our potential. After being told dozens (maybe hundreds) of times, “You’ll never be a good reader,” or “You’ll never have good comprehension,” or writing skills, or whatever…we stop trying. We stop showing up for our own life since it seems like an exercise in futility, according to those authority figures in our youth who prophesied that we’d never amount to anything.
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