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Fifty Shades Darker is available now on Digital and released on Blu-ray & DVD on May 9!

I admit it; I avoided reading the books and watching the first film. There was so much hype around the S.E.X. and very little else. It wasn’t until a week ago when I noticed that the original movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, was available to watch for free on one of my streaming subscription services that I decided to tak a peek.

I didn’t expect to enjoy the film and assumed I’d find it poorly made and light on story. I was wrong. I loved it! Oh sure, some of the sex made me blush, but it’s an integral part of the story and not just there for shock and awe. I wish I’d known that long ago, but now that I’ve been enlightened, I’m looking forward to the second installment that is available now! This weekend I’ll be watching Fifty Shades Darker with a few friends, and we’ll be enjoying some Darker-themed goodies that I’ve been preparing for us.

The film is based on the wildly popular books by E.L. James which became a phenomenon a few years ago. This second chapter reunites Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and leads them on a journey that includes time in the romantic city of Paris. This time Anastasia tells Christian that there are “No Rules, No Punishments, and No More Secrets.” But it’s not that easy.

Fifty Shades Darker Unrated – Trailer

Girls Night In Food Ideas

Fifty Shades Darker No Rules Popcorn
Who says popcorn has to be boring? This is "No Rules" popcorn, so we're adding chocolate covered dried cherries, cashews, and almonds and turning it pink! It's "add what you love" popcorn with three layers of chocolate - purity white, smooth & creamy milk, and daring dark. And while we have all this chocolate just waiting to be used, we've dipped fresh blueberries, strawberries, and sugar cookies.
Type: Snack
Yield: 8 cups
Prep Time: 
Cooking Time: 
Total Time: 
  • 8 cups of popped popcorn, lightly salted
  • 1 Tbls plus 2 tsp vegetable oil, divided
  • 1 12 oz bag dark chocolate
  • 1 12 oz bag milk chocolate
  • 1 12 oz bag white chocolate chips
  • 2 cup nuts - Almonds, Cashews, or Mixed Nuts
  • ½ c dried cherries
  • gel pink food coloring
  • stars, edible silver dust, or similar (optional)
  1. Choose your favorite way to melt the chocolate. I always go old school on the stove top with a double boiler - it keeps the chocolate at a constant temperature and is perfect for dipping. You can do something similar with a crockpot and another bowl or pan inside. Both methods need to be monitored closely, so boiling water doesn't get inside (see my note below about seized chocolate). You can also use your microwave - heat at 30-second intervals stirring between each until it's fully melted. Commercial chocolate melting system - follow appliances directions.
  2. Early in the day or the day before:
  3. Start with the dark chocolate. Melt it with 1 tsp vegetable oil. Stir until smooth and dip the nuts into the pot and with a fork, taking a moment to tap off some of the extra chocolate and then lift them out onto a baking sheet covered with waxed paper to set. If it's a warm day, put them in the refrigerator for an hour to harden.
  4. Next, melt the milk chocolate with one teaspoon vegetable oil and dip them one-by-one into the chocolate and place on a prepared sheet like you did with the nuts. Allow them to cool and set.
  5. When the nuts and the cherries are hardened, spread the popped popcorn along with the covered nuts and cherries on several large sheet pans or in several large pots, or on a counter covered with waxed paper (as I've done).
  6. Melt the white chocolate with 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil. Stir in the gel coloring and mix thoroughly. White is the hardest chocolate to get to the right consistency. It's much thicker (especially if you use good quality white chocolate) than the dark and milk chocolate. Dribble the white chocolate over the popped corn, fruit & nuts. Stir to evenly coat the mix. Sprinkle immediately with any confetti or sprinkles while it's setting up.
  7. Let the popcorn set up for about an hour stirring every 20 minutes or so. Avoid putting it in the refrigerator as it can make the popcorn lose its crunch. Gently break up the popcorn treat and move it to individual bags or a large serving bowl and enjoy!
  8. Store in an airtight container in a cool place for approximately 5 days.
  9. Adding Color to White Chocolate
  10. White chocolate can be colored, but you must use gel food coloring. The same goes for any flavorings you want to add. Water causes the chocolate to seize up immediately and you won't be able to use it.

Decorating Ideas for Your Girl’s Night In FIFTY SHADES DARKER  Party

While I had all that delicious chocolate melted, I decided to dip a few more things for our enjoyment. First organic sugar cookies (from the refrigerator section of the grocery store!), strawberries (naturally!), as well as blueberries, raspberries, and more nuts. Everything takes just minutes, and it looks fabulous when shared on a Paris-themed table.

I used many of the decorative items and party decor I have around the house and some from parties we’ve had before. A poster of the Eiffel Tower is framed in a window-themed frame that normally holds our family photos. “Curtains” made from gray and charcoal satin similar to Anastasia’s ball gown are table runners which frame the poster as if this Paris landmark is just outside our window.

A pink table chandelier light adds a soft glow as do the floral scented pink candles that scent the room. Spring flowers from the garden including pink Dogwood and pink and white Apple Blossoms fill a vase. There’s plenty fo white lace, silky fabrics, and sultry black ostrich feathers for fun (I forgot to fill in the heart on the feathers before I took photos – it now says, “Safe Word?” 🙂

I used glitter paint to update a few of the pieces that were plain black (the mini bird cage and napkin bucket) to match the theme and added a little bit of pink and glitz to set the tone.

Our drinks tonight are virgin Grapefruit and Lime Sparkling punch though you could add any spirit you like. Its tartness is a perfect companion to our sweet dessert bar.

Pulling together themed decor and snacks allows me to show my friends how important they are to me and it makes our Girl’s Night In party something special!

Download FIFTY SHADES DARKER now or purchase the Blu-ray DVD & Digital& DVD on May 9th!

We’re all set for the movie which in addition to both the original theatrical version and a steamy new unrated version with over 13 minutes of footage not seen in theatres, Fifty Shades Darker Unrated Edition comes with over 30 minutes of never-before-seen bonus content, including cast interviews, behind-the-scenes features, and a peek at what lies ahead in the upcoming Fifty Shades Freed!

Learn more & connect online with the Official Social Media Sites for Fifty Shades Darker via Facebook | Twitter Instagram & the official Fifty Shades Darker website. And follow the hashtag #FiftyShadesDarker

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Grab your girlfriends and enjoy FIFTY SHADES DARKER  at home this weekend – it’s available on Digital HD now! Who will you invite to watch this new film with you?