We are pleased to support New Man Revolution (a veteran-owned and operated business) without recompense. #vetrepreneurs

New Man Revolution (NMR) is a veteran-owned and operated business created by Ryan, Dale, and Eric to give men a better option than what any other company was offering in grooming products. They all agreed that the men’s industry was ripe for a revolution and so the company was born. As fighter pilots and combat veterans they innovated, adapted and took action to make things better so at NMR they use these same principles to create the absolute best experience possible. They also give back to others who’ve served by donating 5% of their net profit to America’s VetDogs.

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Since its launch in 2014, New Man Revolution has spread to locations in over five states and boasts a sophisticated website that has shipped products worldwide. The premise is simple: nobody likes wasting time, shopping for everyday necessities like shampoo and body wash. By delivering grooming products directly to your door, New Man Revolution can alleviate not only the frustration but the cost as well. Growing beyond just shampoo, they now offer two separate scents (Citrus-Mint or Spearmint-Eucalyptus) and exclusive body products from beard oil to body wash.

NMR New Man Revolution - Bold & Natural Hair and Skin Care for Men - a veteran-owned and operated company

NMR is a breath of fresh air in an old market

One of the best things about NMR is their refreshing transparency. Whereas most companies hide their bottle’s contents behind long laboratory chemical names that hide the true nature of their purpose, NMR speaks frankly about their top-of-the-line ingredients.

Most of the leading brands in the grooming industry won’t tell you this, but their products are stuffed to the brim with harsh chemical goo, designed to strip your hair like you would strip grease from a car. In fact, many of the most popular brands of men’s hair products use many of the same ingredients as your local car wash, which deprives your skin of all oils, including the naturally produced ones that your skin and hair need to stay healthy.

Why NMR is different

NMR worked hand-in-hand with eco-focused scientists to incorporate ingredients that help your skin, your body’s largest organ, work as it is supposed to. The primary component is a coconut-based cleanser that removes dirt and pathogens, which cleans your skin without introducing destructive sulfates and parabens. Then a blend of purpose-driven essential oils is added that not only smell delicious but also includes a potent mixture of benefits for your body and hair. Each scent is custom-tailored by NMR’s team to create not just a pleasant smell, but an entire experience that will make your shower an occasion to look forward to.

After two years of revolutionizing the grooming industry, New Man Revolution is making a bold move. It’s offering an all-new subscription service for customers that includes 10% off across the board for their complete line of products plus free shipping to Domestic USA and Military APOs.

New Man Revolution Subscribe & Save

The brilliance of New Man Revolution’s Subscribe and Save Plan is versatility mixed with convenience: with a few clicks, you can take care of your man’s entire grooming regimen, and get it all shipped to your door in one box. Not ready to commit? Order by the bottle.

It just doesn’t get any more badass than that. Prepare yourself for products that work as hard as you do.