I am participating in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central and hosted by the makers of Bayer® Aspirin. I have received compensation to thank me for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Having my family around me is my idea of heaven. As I get older, that family circle gets smaller, and I think because of that I cling to those that remain even harder. My plan for life is to be healthy and happy, so I take precautions like having a physical check up every year and wearing my seat belt. I also eat whole foods, monitor my blood pressure, and get as much exercise as possible. I don’t want to live longer; I want to live better for the time I have.

But living with a fire department captain who sees women like me every day during medical emergencies isn’t easy. It’s a reminder for my husband that I could be gone in an instant, so he’s always trying to get me to do even more to protect my health. He insists that our emergency first aid kits be stocked with aspirin, not for fever or headaches, but in the event one of us has a suspected heart attack.

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But why aspirin? Taking aspirin during a suspected heart attack can help save a life. Aspirin works to minimize blood clotting triggered by plaque ruptures.

The Bayer Aspirin Hero Smith Campaign

I’m hoping that by sharing how important it is to have aspirin available in the event of a suspected heart attack that others will start carrying this lifesaving over-the-counter drug too. Bayer Aspirin created a campaign called The Hero Smiths. The theory considers that there are over 2 million people in the U.S. with the last name of Smith. If every one of them carried aspirin, perhaps the number of people who die from heart attacks could be reduced.

To test the theory, Bayer Aspirin armed every Smith in the town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, a town with one of the highest heart attack rates in the U.S., with information on how aspirin can help save a life during a suspected heart attack. Now they’re ready to help friends, family, neighbors, and strangers in the event of a heart attack emergency.

But you don’t have to be a Smith to help save a life and Bayer is making it easy.  Visit the Hero Smith website and take the pledge to get your FREE Bayer Aspirin Keychain   (while supplies last). Take a moment to watch the heartwarming video with stories of heart attack survivors as young as 32 whose lives were saved by a simple tablet. Also, check out heart attack symptoms and print a $2.00 off coupon to make sure you have this lifesaving medication on hand.

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Visit www.HeroSmiths.com to print your own $2 Off Coupon


Think you can’t make a difference by carrying aspirin? Take the Bayer Aspirin Hero Smith quiz to find out how many potential people you could help no matter where you live, how you commute, and where you work. Even someone who works from home like me has the potential to help hundreds of people.

#HeroSmiths #BayerAspirin #IC #ad

Please join me in making life-saving aspirin available by carrying Bayer aspirin with you always; it’s amazing that something so simple can help save a life.

*In the event of a suspected heart attack, call 9-1-1 and chew or crush and swallow aspirin as directed by a doctor.