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Tax season is here, and while I don’t mind paying taxes, I hate doing them. With two home businesses and a full-time job, it’s hard to predict if we’ll be paying the IRS or if they’ll be refunding us our overpayment. Every time we think we’ve got the balance right, something changes in our life that we didn’t expect, so we’re left worrying at tax season about the possible huge tax bill we’ll face. Still, that means when we do get a refund it’s like a windfall of free money we didn’t count on! I know for many of you, like me, a tax refund means shopping for a big ticket item you’ve had your eye on and Walmart is making it easy with fantastic products from Samsung.

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I’m a huge fan of Samsung products as I own several and have been impressed by their performance. I also appreciate that many of them can communicate with each other. I use my Samsung Note 5 to control and check on my Samsung Robot Vacuum, and I use my Tab S to play music through my Samsung Shape Wireless Audio System. The camera I use for photographs here on the blog is a Samsung NX30, and before that, I used a Samsung Galaxy Camera. I told you, I love Samsung products!

My Tax Return Wish List

So what’s on my tax refund wish list? Well first that I get my taxes done on time and get a refund, and then after that, I’ll be looking at a few new items available at Walmart. Their electronics section offers plenty of great prices on Samsung mobile devices that are compatible with Verizon J1, ATT Express Prime and Straight Talk, as well as Samsung TVs, Samsung Home Audio Systems, and Samsung Tablets.

My Tax Return Wish List - #1 a Refund #2 a Great Samsung Product! #SamsungAtWalmart #IC #ad

Straight Talk GS7 @599

Built-in wireless charging, water-resistant (for up to 30 minutes in water as deep as 5 feet), a big screen but slim profile, and a camera that takes low-light photos easily are just some of the fantastic features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.

My Tax Return Wish List - #1 a Refund #2 a Great Samsung Product! #SamsungAtWalmart #IC #ad

Samsung Tab E 9.6”

I use my Tab S 8.4″ to stream TV and movies nightly. It’s also where I play games and listen to audiobooks. This new version offers more memory for storing your entertainment to take on the go plus it’s larger and has a faster processor.

My Tax Return Wish List - #1 a Refund #2 a Great Samsung Product! #SamsungAtWalmart #IC #ad

Samsung TV UHD TV – U60KU6270

Now that some of the streaming services have added 4K programs, there’s finally content to enjoy on these super sharp TVs. Plus Samsung Smart View lets you watch your Samsung Smartphone entertainment on your Samsung television and vice versa (with the exception of the Note 4 – it doesn’t because of course, that’s the one I have). We love our Samsung HDTV and would find it hard to go back to standard TV, so maybe and upgrade to a UHD TV is next!

My Tax Return Wish List - #1 a Refund #2 a Great Samsung Product! #SamsungAtWalmart #IC #ad

Samsung DAV- Soundbar HW-KM36

Set up is simple with TVSoundConnect and this Bluetooth soundbar instantly gives you a cinema experience. Pair it with a 3D movie, and it will analyze the picture and sync with 3D Sound. With 130 watts it can deliver the bass, volume, and power needed to make any movie night special.

So which one of these little beauties will be added to my Walmart shopping cart should I get that treasured tax refund I’m so hoping for? The Samsung DAV- Soundbar HW-KM36! After 35+ years on a fire truck, my husband’s hearing is terrible, so this would allow him to hear the few TV shows he enjoys again!

Is there something on my wishlist that tempts you to spend your refund on a new piece of Samsung technology too?