Crochet one or a whole barnyard full of these fun animal hats for kids. Make enough for the classroom, sleepover, or birthday party attendees and they’ll take home a fun gift they can play with and wear instead of a plastic bag full of cheap plastic toys and candy. A Ladybug themed party with hats would be adorable! Kids love these character hats for dress-up as well as for keeping them warm during winter, spring, and fall. You can even make these for summer, just switch to a cotton thread and larger hook for a more airy and cool version.

These hats are a great way to use up scrap pieces of yarn  – they’re perfect for stash busting your yarn hoard and for personalizing each one for their recipient. Great for gifts and easy to make and your gift recipient is sure to reward your hard work with a huge smile!

30+ FREE Animal Hat Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet Pattern - Kids animal beanie cap - -Fox Hat

Free Crochet Pattern- Kids Fox Hat

Child Size Fox Beanie Cap - Free Crochet Pattern

Child Size Fox Beanie Cap – Free Crochet Pattern

What little boy or girl that loves you needs one of these adorable animal hats made just for them?