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Potty Training can be a very stressful and confusing time for a family. It’s been over 25 years since I’ve had to go through the process, so I asked Lynn Ell Tilker, to help us breakdown potty training protocol and answer your most frequently asked questions. She’s a potty training pro, and creator of the new eco-friendly Potty Training System BottomZz Up.

How can a parent know if their child is ready to start potty training?

I believe a child should be walking, talking, and able to communicate. You can also watch for signs that your child is ready. For instance, does she follow you into the bathroom? Does he want to flush the toilet or play with the toilet paper? Does she let you know when she’s wet or soiled? All of these hint that your child is closer to ditching the diapers; however, I’ve found the only way to know for sure is to talk to your child and ask, “Do you want to use the potty?” or “Would you like to go and get potty stuff?” Communication with your child is a must when determining whether or not it’s time to start potty training.

How long does potty training take?

It is all about what I call a child’s ‘Potty Personality’ and if they are ready or not. There’s no set timeframe because every child goes through milestones at different rates.  It’s also dependent on your commitment to the process. You’ll need to actively engage with your child because potty training is a learned behavior just like everything else in life. It’s not going to happen overnight.

What are the common mistakes parents make when potty training?

There are a few common mistakes that are counterproductive to potty training. Negativity and getting angry at your child over potty accidents is a huge one. Kids will feed off of that negativity and may choose not want to participate in the process.  Accidents are going to happen, so be prepared.  Lack of consistency is another common mistake.  Having kids wear underwear all day long and then changing them to a pull-on diaper at night causes confusion. By doing this, you’ve let them know that it’s OK to wet themselves at night because you don’t want to be inconvenienced. Confusion also happens when a parent starts potty training over a weekend or holiday, but when the work week starts, they give up because they’re too busy.  Parents need to realize that to be successful, once they start potty training they need to be committed to the process 24/7 until the child is proficient.

What potty training myths do you frequently hear from parents?

The most common myth is that the parent decides when the child is ready. In reality, both the child and the parents need to be.  It’s a team effort and success will be difficult if everyone involved isn’t ready to begin. I’ve met a lot of parents who believe that potty training success is tied to good parenting, and they put a lot of pressure on themselves and their child. Or they use preschool requirements as a reason to start potty training.  My advice is not to let your friends, family or the school influence when you start potty training.  Ultimately, if you and your child are not ready, you will not be successful. Also, the whole process will take longer and be more stressful for everyone.

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What’s the key to successful potty training?

Consistency, encouragement, participation and celebration.  All of these elements are necessary for potty training success.  I believe this so strongly that I created BottomZz Up to give parents a system that is not only based on my potty training philosophy, but that also bridges the learning gap and cuts the confusion of potty training.  BottomZz Up allows parents to potty train at home or on-the-go and during the day and night, and best of all, children are 100% potty trained when they complete the program.  It’s not a magic bullet, but with your commitment to being your child’s potty partner, you’ll both be successful.

For more information about BottomZz Up:

BottomZz Up is the only potty training system that allows toddlers to feel the discomfort of their accidents. The 100% chemical-free, cotton potty training underwear features proprietary technology that lets kids feel wet when they are wet, while at the same time, preventing leaks resulting in messy clean ups. It’s the perfect system for families on-the-go, and it offers the consistency, routine, and encouragement kids need.  Plus, parents save money and reduce environmental waste compared to using disposable training pants.

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