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Versailles on Ovation TV

There’s a lot of television available now. With so many cable and streaming options, it’s easy to miss out on some great shows. One such show is Versailles which airs on Ovation. It’s the life and history of King Louis XIV of France recreated from official records and intimate memoirs wich covers the story of this king’s decadent lifestyle.

The begins with the flamboyant king’s love affairs and the building of Versailles dubbed one of the wonders of the world. Filming took place at Versailles giving viewers an inside look at the gardens, staterooms, and bedrooms of the palace he commissioned.

Sarah Winter (Louise), Anna Brewster (Montespan)

Sarah Winter (Louise), Anna Brewster (Montespan)

Live action recreations faithful to the period are sprinkled with expert commentary explaining both his actions and the moral standards of the time. For instance, it was expected that a French King would have mistresses thus demonstrating the virility of the nation. While that seems outlandish by today’s standards, a hundred years later, King Louis the XVI chose not to have a mistress, and his court was furious with him. Louis eventually fathered at least 30 illegitimate children and at one time set up a brothel in the gardens of the palace.  He also installed a favorite mistress in his home alongside his wife.

Louis had an eye for the extravagant and nothing was as extravagant as his obsessions with creating Versailles. It took forty thousand workers to complete the project and death and injury was commonplace.  Once completed, Louis turned the palace into an important seat of power in Europe and Versailles would eventually house the entire government with the goal of being able to watch over his Noblemen.

Stuart Bowman (Bontemps)

Stuart Bowman (Bontemps)

Sound interesting? It is! I love a period drama like this that gives me a look at how they lived and loved with the bonus of seeing how such an amazing palace was created without power tools and health and safety regulations. Don’t miss his dressing ritual; it’s unbelievable that this happened twice a day. Or his meals. He lived quite a different lifestyle that’s certain! You’ll also find The Tudors on Ovation as well!

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