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There are a lot of reasons people dream about for a new kitchen. For some, it’s the upcoming holidays and the thought of cooking one more Christmas dinner in a temperamental oven or trying to store leftovers in a too small refrigerator. For others, like us, it’s time to start thinking about retirement which means selling the house. Installing quality appliances can make a middle-of-the-road house like ours stand out in the marketplace. While other families are growing and need to make more room for their new family members.

Make Your Kitchen Dreams a Reality

Dreaming about a new kitchen is the first step in designing one. Taking time to look at the possibilities is a great way to begin the process of deciding what your kitchen design must-haves are. For me, it’s function and performance above all, but if an appliance offers both along with style, well then it’s a win/win.

What’s Your Dream Kitchen Look Like? Here’s Some Inspiration For You

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This kitchen has so much going for it! Gray cupboards, inlaid glass to show off treasures above the Frigidaire Refrigerator, a freestanding Frigidaire Stove under a statement stainless steel range hood. Built in glassware storage, open shelve, impressive crown molding, and accented with white tile and  paint on the walls and ceiling.

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Clean and sleek dark mahogany cabinets with a built-in Frigidaire Professional double wall oven, a single oven, and a radiant heat cooktop makes this kitchen a cook’s paradise. Open shelves soften the look of the cabinets. The warehouse-style feel is carried through with the stainless steel, white countertops, and hanging lights. The exposed ceiling gives it a New York loft feel.

Create Your Dream Kitchen with @Frigidaire Professional Appliances = #ad

A mix of painted and natural wood cabinets with stainless steel appliances give this kitchen an old world feel. The large hood vent, geo tiles, and pale gray color highlight the concrete floors and white countertops. A Frigidaire Professional gas range top, single oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher add a beautiful reflective sheen.

Create Your Dream Kitchen with @Frigidaire Professional Appliances = #ad

So similar to the last kitchen, but this one’s been personalized with a free-standing shelf plus a kitchen island with a Frigidaire Professional induction cooktop. It’s finished off with a Frigidaire Professional double wall oven and refrigerator.

Create Your Dream Kitchen with @Frigidaire Professional Appliances = #ad

This kitchen is my personal favorite. Painted cabinets in a crisp white with matching trim, a simple black island with a marble top on the working side. To keep the island from looking massive, the eating side is black – it visually separates the area while retaining the large entertaining and serving area. A Frigidaire Professional free-standing stove is paired with a microwave/vent . Simple and clean, it can take on any color pallete by adding flowers and accents in your favorite color.

Frigidaire offers professional-grade appliances are durable, stylish, and offer features that cooks love. The have gas and electric options in sizes that fit small and large kitchens. Purchasing appliances that fit your needs now as well as in the future are important. There are many styles to choose from, especially when it comes to stove options. Would a free-standing stove look best? But what about a cooktop and seperate oven? There are lots of things to consider.

Design Your Own Dream Kitchen with these Frigidaire Professional Appliances

Frigidaire Professional 30” Freestanding Gas Range

Frigidaire Professional 30'' Freestanding Gas Range

The Frigidaire Professional 30” Freestanding Gas Range is packed with features! ThePOWERPLUS™ CONVECTION cooks your food evenly and consistently while the POWERPLUS™ BURNER with 18,000 BTU burners can quickly sear, and saute and even bring food to a boil in seconds.

Frigidaire Professional 36” Gas Cooktop with Griddle

Frigidaire Professional 36'' Gas Cooktop with Griddle

Take your cooking to the next level with the Frigidaire Professional 36” Gas Cooktop with Griddle. The PowerPlus™ Burner delivers 18,200 BTU, and the durable cast-iron grate lets you cook with your heaviest posts whether you’re sauteing, simmering, or boiling.

Frigidaire Professional 30” Induction Cooktop


Prefer an induction top? Me too! The Frigidaire Professional 30” Induction Cooktop with PowerPlus™ Induction Technology lets you boils water in less than 2 minutes!  That’s because the PowerPlus™ Induction Cooktop gives you the speed, control, and consistency of natural gas without having to run a gas line to your home.  Its SpacePro™ Bridge Element adapts to the size of your cookware no matter how big or small. Cook two separate dishes at the same time, or you can combine two of the elements together to heat a large pot or even a griddle for Sunday morning pancakes.

Frigidaire Professional 30” Single Electric Wall Oven

Frigidaire Professional 30'' Single Electric Wall OvenThis Frigidaire Professional 30” Single Electric Wall Oven has PowerPlus® No Preheat which lets you start baking immediately because the oven reaches baking temp in no time. It also includes unique features like PowerPlus™ Convection Bake and Roast that evenly cooks your dishes every time and the PowerPlus™ Temperature Probe monitors your food’s temperature and keeps it warm and ready to eat.

Frigidaire Professional 30” Double Electric Wall Oven

Frigidaire Professional 30” Double Electric Wall Oven

The Frigidaire Professional 30” Double Electric Wall Oven offers all of the same features as the single oven but with the convenience of having two ovens. Use one to bake and one to warm or fill them both for a large holiday dinner.

Whatever your reason for planning your new kitchen, make sure you check out the professional-grade and easy-to-install Frigidaire Professional appliances for performance and style.

What’s your kitchen style?