The leaves are starting to change, the apples are ripening, cider is flowing, football has begun, and that means, time for camping and campfire cooking.  Fall is the perfect time of the year for those outdoor activities and some good old fashioned family time.  When you go on your next trip, or maybe you just set up in the backyard; here are some fabulous recipes that will make it not only memorable but delicious.  Do be sure to invest in a good set of cast iron pots so that you can cook directly over your campfire or in the case of a Dutch oven, right in the coals.

But what if it’s just too cold to camp out where you live? No worries! You can make most of these recipes on the top of your stove or in your oven.

20 BEST Campfire Recipes for Fall





Must Have Products for Great Campfire Recipies and Dutch Oven Cooking

The most important part of creating fantastic food on the campfire is a great dutch oven. Don’t skimp when picking out your cast iron, you’ll own it for life as long as you take care of it correctly. I’m partial to Lodge products so I recommend the Lodge Outdoor 6-quart Dutch Oven or Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven (5-Quart) if you’ll be cooking in the coals. Both of these have cast iron feet to help keep your food from burning and sticking to the bottom of the pan. If you’re an indoor cook, Lodge 5-quart  Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven or Lodge Island Spice Red Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Both of these work beautifully both on top of the stove and in the oven. If your pan isn’t pre-seasoned, check out our easy to follow How to Season a Cast Iron Pan post.

Don’t want to clean your pan after cooking? Purchase Dutch oven foil liners that lift out and can be tossed for super simple cleanup. Silicone liners are available, but I try to avoid them. You can also pick up a great dutch oven recipe book so you can take advantage of the new cast iron cookware you’ve added to your kitchen or camping gear.

Top 20 Best Campfire Recipes Perfect for you next camping trip