This Creative Galaxy inspired craft is brought to you by Amazon Originals Kids Programming. All opinions are mine.

Amazon’s second season of Creative Galaxy  is airing now! This animated “make-along, take-along” show was created by Out of the Blue Enterprises (Super Why!, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) as a way for children to celebrate and encourage creative thinking through storytelling, music, dance, and crafts.  Each episode introduces kids to a wide variety of art mediums plus different ways that art can be incorporated into their daily life.

For instance, the main character Arty has a sparkly art supply box he calls his Idea Box which he loads up with the craft supplies he finds around the galaxy. When inspiration hits, or he has a problem to solve, he looks into his box and pulls out the items he needs. He uses these found items to create a kid-appropriate craft. While he works, he shares what he’s thinking out loud with the viewers, whom he calls, “artists.” His dialogue helps small children develop their own creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

The show is purposely fast paced to keep toddler and preschool children entertained and not a step-by-step craft guide. Instead, Creative Galaxy’s colorful and cheerful characters share ideas and concepts to encourage kids to create their own art and not necessarily a carbon copy of what they present. Of course, some children need the more structured approach, and because the show is streamed, it can be stopped, rewound, and watched over and over so a child can recreate the art at his or her own pace.

Stream Creative Galaxy Season 1 & 2 now on Amazon – it’s free for Amazon Prime Members

We made our own Creative Galaxy Idea Box and you can too! We modeled ours after Arty’s box, but you can make yours any way you like! Once your box is done, fill it with craft supplies from around our galaxy so you’ll be ready to craft along with Arty and his pals!

Create Your Own Creative Galaxy Idea Box

Time Required: Overnight for drying or 4-6 hours for drying time and approximately 2 hours working time

Skill Level: Parent required                 PRINT THESE INSTRUCTIONS


Directions – Day 1 or early in the day















  1. Using the packing tape, reinforce the hinge of the lid on the inside. If your box has a separate lid, use the packing tape to secure one of the long ends to the bottom half of the box – inside and out – making sure you can still open and close it.
  2. Cut the straw in half. Wrap the white tape around the straw pieces from top to bottom to give it more strength.
  3. Now, with a parent’s help, poke two holes in the top of the shoe box for the antenna. Roughly measure 3” from the center line in each direction and centered front to back. Poke the hole with a pair of sharp scissors. Keep working at the hole until it’s the approximate size of the straws. Push the straws from the outside of the box in and fold about 1/2” of the straw on the inside of the box. Secure each with a piece of packing tape.
  4. Rip the tissue paper into pieces of all different sizes and shapes. Use the school glue and paint brush to cover the inside of the box by painting a very thin layer of glue in a small section (don’t forget your antenna! Make sure they don’t get crushed while you’re working on the lid). Then place pieces of torn tissue and brush them into place. Tears, creases, and folds are perfectly acceptable! Keep layering the paper until the entire box is covered.
  5. Print the star and nameplate template on cardstock.  Choose the appropriate size star and use it to trace on the scrap cardboard. Cut it out and paint both sides and the edges of the star with the gold paint. Set it aside to dry.
  6. Using markers, color the nameplate and add your name above the logo.

Day 2 – or after box and star are dry










  1. Parents – With a hot glue gun, attach the star on the center front of the top section of the shoe box.  Measure the pipe cleaners and bend them at the corner before you start gluing. Glue two pipe cleaners on both sides of the star and then cut additional pieces to finish off. On the bottom, close the lid of the box and use a marker to mark the line where the pipe cleaners need to go. When the box is closed, they should touch the pipe cleaners on the top. Start in the center (the star will cover the seam) and pre-bend and glue just like the top. Cut pieces to finish to the back.
  2. With the gold paint, cover the area above the bottom blue pipe cleaners to the top of the bottom of the box. Allow the paint to dry.
  3. Paint an even layer of school glue in a small section on the outside of the box. Immediately cover with glitter then tap off the extra onto a piece of paper so you can reuse it. Continue gluing, glittering, and tapping until the entire box is covered. You will get glitter in your glue, but that’s no problem.
  4. Use school glue to adhere the Nameplate to the inside of the box lid and with a hot glue gun, glue the yellow pom poms to the antenna.
  5. Now fill your Creative Galaxy Idea Box with craft supplies from around your galaxy! Get permission first, then check the garage for colorful electrical tape, rope, scraps of wood, etc. Visit the kitchen for new sponges, plastic food containers, and jars. Ask friends and family if you can visit their galaxy to search for bits of yarn, string, buttons, construction paper, ribbon, fabric, and other items to upcycle and reuse. And add crafts supplies on your birthday or Christmas wish list. Pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes, clay, paint, canvases, and other fun supplies can be used to create so many fun art projects.

Have fun creating fun crafts with Arty & the gang! Don’t forget, Season 2 is streaming now on Amazon!