Travel consideration provided. Photos courtesy DreamWorks.

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Back in June, I told you about my trip to DreamWorks Animation Studios to go behind-the-scenes of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Fans can look forward to a second season coming later this year – and one lucky Voltron super-fan can also look forward to cruising the neighborhood in style after receiving an amazing pair of custom Voltron Lion Bikes on Super-Fan Builds!

Super-Fan Builds is a series that documents Hollywood prop makers and other craftsmen as they build amazing collectibles for pop culture mega-fans. In the most recent episode, “Go Voltron Bikes!”, a father and son received the coolest gift ever when Fon Davis, who has worked on The Matrix and Star Wars, created a pair of custom Voltron Lion Bikes for the duo to ride together. Click here to watch the entire episode!

Super-Fan Builds

Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender now on Netflix.