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As parents, we want what is best for our children. We don’t need many things to get them through the infant/baby stage, but the things we do need we use a lot of. One of those things is wipes. In the beginning, you imagine you’ll only need them for changing your baby’s diaper. But as time goes on, you realize what a handy tool they are, and you start to use them for everything. I use baby wipes to clean my 4-month old daughter’s hands (she is teething, and they are constantly in her mouth), those neck folds of baby fat that can get really gross if you don´t take care of them, her face, and of course her bottom

Being a first-time mom, I was surprised to learn that baby wipes have more than water as an ingredient. Sure, I realized that fragrance was probably added since so many of them are overly scented, but I didn’t know the chemical cocktail that many of them are made with. That fact is unnerving when I think about how sensitive my daughter’s skin is I decided perhaps it was time to make a change.

Armed with my new found knowledge of unnecessary chemical ingredients, I made it my goal to find a brand that has the least amount of ingredients in it and that is where the WaterWipes brand comes in.


WaterWipes are chemical free baby wipes made up of 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.01% grapefruit seed extract. That is all that is in them. No unpronounceable chemicals that you have to guess whether or not they’re good for your baby’s skin.

WaterWipes: Clean Baby Naturally and Without Harmful Chemicals #WaterWipesTarget #IC #ad

Most parents assume if a company is allowed to sell a product, it must be OK. But sadly, that’s not the case.  It’s up to us to make sure we’re only buying safer products for our kids.


You can find WaterWipes online or your local Target store; that’s  great news for moms and dads! It happens to be my favorite store for baby shopping, whether I need a single baby item or a several. On a recent trip, my daughter and I picked up several packages of WaterWipes to test them out. Thankfully, because Target makes it easy to find things, we breezed in and out in no time.

Of course, to get to the baby section, you must pass the women´s  purses, shoes, and clothes. Their displays make it so tempting just to stop and “look.” But I put head down and kept my destination in mind, and headed for the baby section.

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Target’s baby section has all of your child’s needs from clothes to medicine and after deciding that my daughter didn’t need another summer outfit for her wardrobe, I headed over to the aisles to find the wipes. The aisles are clearly labeled and it was easy to see where I needed to go. Once in the aisle, the water wipes were on the top of the shelf, and their crisp packaging made them stand out from all of the other choices.

WaterWipes: Clean Baby Naturally and Without Harmful Chemicals #WaterWipesTarget #IC #ad

I was surprised to see how inexpensive the WaterWipes were since most things that are better for you tend to be more expensive. For a pack of 60 wipes, the price was $3.99 at my local Target. I made sure to grab a couple of packs and did a little extra shopping before heading to the brand new self-checkout line. We were in and out within 15 minutes and I managed not to spend more than I budgeted for.


Thankfully, WaterWipes are natural and made with ingredients I feel are safe for my little girl. Plus, they are very soft and not overly wet. I was able to use one wipe to clean my baby’s face without having to follow it up with a dry cloth to remove extra wetness like I need to with other commercial wipes. Plus WaterWipes are very durable and didn’t fall apart from use. My daughter seemed to enjoy the feeling of them and went as far as to grab the wipe out of my hand and put it in her mouth. Luckily it was a clean wipe, and I had the added satisfaction of knowing that it was mostly water, so I didn’t need to freak out about it.

WaterWipes: Clean Baby Naturally and Without Harmful Chemicals #WaterWipesTarget #IC #ad

I would highly recommend WaterWipes to any parent. I love the idea of using something that doesn´t have an extensive list of ingredients when all you really need in your wipe solution is water. Wipes are meant to be a quick & easy fix, not something that endangers your child’s future,  so keep harmful chemicals away from baby’s skin whenever possible and clean her naturally with WaterWipes. I know I feel better knowing exactly what ingredients are going on my baby girl´s skin when I am trying to clean her quickly up.

Won’t you take a look next time you’re shopping at Target? I’d love to hear what you think of these new wipes.