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I met with Ryan Quincy, the creator of Future-Worm!the new animated series on Disney XD. This creative and child-like dad of an eleven- and eight-year-old has harnessed his inner twelve-year-old self, to create a show kids will love.

6 Fun Facts about Future-Worm! Creator Ryan Quincy - on Disney XD beginning 8/1/16 #FutureWorm #TheBFGEvent ad

Future-Worm!, Ryan Quincy & Me

6 Fun Facts about Future-Worm! Creator Ryan Quincy

  1. He provides the voice for Doug, the father of the show’s lead character, Danny. To get in character, he whistles. Why? We’re not sure, but whatever it takes to get him there.
  2. He’s clumsy with his coffee – though it appears to happen whenever he’s required to act like a grown up and keep to a schedule.
  3. He wanted to be a pro surfer – he claims while he was laid up in the hospital after a surfing accident when he caught Steamboat Willie on his room’s TV and that changed his life’s destination.
  4. He has future scientists on speed dial – well, you could too. Just add a Nerf dart to your smartphone and you’re all set! Don’t forget to write “Future Fone” on the backside – evidently in the future, we use phonetic spelling.
  5. He wanted to create a show he could watch with his kids – Quincy married his fascination with time travel and worms to create a show he can share with his children. His previous work was on South Park is something he has yet to share with his impressionable young children.

Dare I add my own fun fact? Quincy revels in the silliness that Future-Worm! provides him. I met his brawny and brainy bunch of future scientists and the Worm himself, and these guys are having too much fun at what’s supposed to be a job (read about my encounter with the Future-Worm! crew here). So fun fact #6 – Quincy and his pals have created a fun atmosphere of creativity, whimsy, and wonder, and you and your kids are the benefactors! You’ll get to see deep inside their minds every week on Disney XD.

Future-Worm! a new animated series on Disney XD by Ryan Quincy (South Park) - debut August 1, 2016 ad #FutureWorm #TheBFGEvent

 Future-Worm! premieres MONDAY, AUGUST 1 (11:00-11:30 A.M. EDT), on Disney XD. Make sure you check out the video below for the backstory of how one stowaway worm became a super time traveling hero.

The Story of Future-Worm!