I received a J is for Jeep All-Terrain Stroller to review. All opinions are my own.

Being the parent´s of a newborn, cabin fever can creep up quickly when it seems like the chores of feeding, diapering and caring for our infant are neverending.   We have to avoid crowded public places for fear she might catch something since her immune system is still developing, and we can’t have her hanging out in direct sunlight since her baby skin is so sensitive.

But what about you parents that have older children too? He’s likely looking for ways to release energy, and you want to be able to enjoy the outdoors before the fall and winter months arrive turning us all back into indoor hermits.  Thankfully Shopko has come up with some great kid gear and simple activities to help you enjoy the summer with you child(ren) while still taking precautions to keep them healthy and safe http://webbanki.ru/momentalnye-zaimy.

4 Fun Things to Do with Kids This Summer and Great Gear to Make it Easier

Take a Stroll in the Park

What better way to enjoy the beautiful summer than with a walk or run with your family. In the summer, moving these activities to the early morning or late evening which means enjoying them during the coolest part of the day can make you and the kids more comfortable. Plus with Shopko´s new  J is for Jeep Brand Cross-Country All Terrain Jogging Stroller, strolling is easier than ever, even off the beaten path!  The three-wheeled stroller is easy to push no matter the terrain http://mirziamov.ru/zaym-bez-otkaza. That’s a must for us since we live within a State Park where unpaved trails surround us. Until we tried out the J is for Jeep Stroller, the only way for us to enjoy the trails was for one of use to wear our four-month-old little girl. The added body heat was no fun for her or us! Now we can walk, and she can play or sleep comfortably in her stroller.

Get Outside J is for Jeep Brand Cross-Country All Terrain Jogging Stroller 4 Fun things to do with kids in summer ad

We also use this time to show Ame really what nature is all about  – pointing out the birds, stopping to let her stroke tree bark, or smell a flower. The stroller takes the bumps beautifully on the unpaved trails, but it also does great on pavement too – it feels like we’re are gliding over the ground.

The stroller also has a built-in organizer tray with two cup holders and a deep storage compartment for our things on the padded comfort handlebar,  plus there’s a small basket at the bottom so that things we’ve brought along on our trip don´t fall out easily. There’s a  tether strap that attaches to my wrist so that if I accidently let go while jogging or when going downhill; the stroller won’t be able to get away from me. It also has a five-point harness to keep our little girl buckled in as safely as possible, and it has reflective material on the harness as well as on the coordinated piping for visibility at night.

Maintenance is a breeze. Its three rubber tires can be filled with air when necessary, and the stroller folds up compactly to make it simple to transfer and store when not in use. We love this stroller and how easy it now makes going for a walk. We don’t have to think about what kind of terrain we are going to be on with the exception of obvious obstacles like stairs, steep elevations, extreme mud, very loose sand, etc., it just gets us there.

The  J is for Jeep Brand Cross-Country All Terrain Jogging Stroller works with the Graco Snugride Click Connect (this is the seat we use – it’s fabulous not having to adjust straps in the stroller – we just click in her car seat and go!), Evenflo Nurture™ & Evenflo Embrace™ line of car seats – they snap right into the stroller or alone.

Picnic in the Park

As adults, we tend to overlook and forget about the simpler activities of our childhood. An excellent way to get outdoors is to enjoy a picnic in your local park. What beats the simplicity of a picnic? You can enjoy a simple lunch, sit on a beautiful blanket on some fresh cut grass. It’s the perfect chance to watch your older children play on the playground toys or push them on the swings. It´s also an excellent way to enjoy your local community.

Summer Infant Pop Portable Booster Seat 4 Fun things to do with kids in summer ad

You can prepare ahead of time and pack meals and activities in easy to carry containers. Shopko now offers an easy-to-use Summer Infant Pop ‘N Sit Portable Booster Seat that makes picnic feedings a breeze allowing you to get back to the other activities.

Love Your Library

A lot of communities offer great programs during the summer. If you have a local library, there is a high possibility that they offer some type reading program for all ages and possible mommy and me groups for the littlest ones. Take a break from being at home, or being the one who is doing all the reading, and get your little ones to the library to enjoy a group reading. While there you can use your library card to stock up on books to read to your kids during the rainy summer days or when it’s too hot to go outside so that you’re not stuck reading the same 15 books you have at home.

AppeTEETHERS - Fun Baby Teething Toys 4 Fun things to do with kids in summer ad

If your child is teething and you are worried about her disturbing others during storytime consider Shopko´s new Appeteethers. They are teething aids available in an assortment of fun food shapes including bacon, chicken wings, broccoli, and waffles, that will help to keep your infant calm and happy so you can all enjoy the storytime break.

Wade in the Water

When you think of cooling down during the summer, there is no better way than visiting your local pool or beach and taking a dip in the water. You can plan a weekly trip to get you and your children out of the house and stay cool while having fun with others.

Bumkins Pocket Bib 4 Fun things to do with kids in summer ad

Of course with this activity, you have to think about eating at some point while your out which can get messy. You can avoid these messes by packing a Bumkins Pocket Bibnow available at Shopko.

Fun Things to Do With Kids This Summer

With all these great summer tips and products from Shopko, parents can spend more time outdoors enjoying the weather with their kids and less time feeling cooped up. There are only so many months of sunshine and warm weather, so get out there and enjoy it while it lasts. Not only will your mind and body thank you, but so will your kids.
How will you enjoy summer before the winter chill sets in?

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