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When a new parent researches how to help a baby sleep or how to calm down a crying newborn, it is a guarantee that swaddling will be one of the top recommendations on any list. Your newborn infant just spent months in a small and snug space and is still figuring out this whole big world thing. So of course, the feeling of being snug can be soothing when they are feeling overwhelmed.

If you are like most parents, you carefully watched your nurse swaddle your little one so that you would be able to replicate it at home. But once home, the adrenaline is all gone, and fatigue sets in and we forget how effortlessly our nurse so swaddled our baby to make her stop crying. That is where the Miracle Blanket® from Miracle International Inc. comes in handy.

The Miracle Blanket is specifically designed to make swaddling baby more efficient and easier.  The custom shape and features make Miracle Blanket easy to use, even in the dark and has helped millions of families receive more sleep during that newborn stage. It is easy to wrap and stays put and is made for babies to stay securely wrapped from age 0-14 weeks.

Awards: NAPPA, 2016 Baby Maternity Magazine Awards- Preferred Choice Baby Wraps Category, Babylist Best Pick: Most Secure Swaddle; Good Housekeeping Institute Thumps Up Award; 2005 Iparenting Media Award

When you wrap your baby in the Miracle Blanket, you are reaping the possible benefits of your newborn sleeping better and longer, preventing twitching and ¨startling¨, facial scratches, and helping your baby to stay on their back while sleeping. Once your little one shows signs that rolling is in her near future, it’s suggested that you stop swaddling her arms so that she has some control if she rolls over in her sleep. Miracle Blanket allows you to wrap your infant both ways.

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The Miracle Blanket is made from 100% super-soft breathable cotton knit which is perfect for any climate. It doesn’t use Velcro hook and loop closures which is wonderful since our little one hates the sound of it being pulled apart, but it also doesn’t use buttons, straps, knots, snaps or zippers. The instructions for wrapping your baby up are simple to follow, and it only takes a few steps. You can watch the instructional video here

With 32 patterns to choose from the Miracle Blanket can be found online through Miracle Ware for $29.99 and in select stores. 

Make sleeping easier for both yourself and your newborn.