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If the McGhee family looks familiar, it’s because they became an internet sensation when a photo of their newborn sextuplets went viral a few years ago. Mia McGhee had no idea that picture she uploaded to Facebook would be seen around the world and lead to a show that shares her family’s day to day struggles, joys, and everything in between.

But that’s just what happened to Ro and Mia McGhee and their family of four boys and two girls – Olivia, Madison, Rozonno Jr., Josiah, Elijah, and Isaac- who recently celebrated their sixth birthday. Now that they’re done with the never ending diaper changes, they’re about to experience what it’s like to have kids in six different kindergarten classes.  But I’m not worried, because if anyone can handle it, the McGhee’s can. Unlike former reality TV sextuplet parents, these two seem to have a relaxed attitude towards parenting that in my opinion will ultimately make them successful.

Growing Up McGhee Kids

It’s hard not to compare them to the two other sextuplet shows who’s stars have spent time in divorce court and have mug shots on file. What sets those parents aside is that at least one of the parents is characterized as a “control freak.” But in the McGhee’s home, there’s a schedule, rules, and discipline, but it’s all done in a more relaxed manner. Their home is comfortable but they allow their flaws to show – their kids are not always on their best behavior, they don’t have parties and activities that rival those thrown by professional party planners, their home isn’t always showroom ready because the kids live there and have fun, and punishment is sometimes meted out with a wink and a little laughter. But that’s why this show is so watchable, it’s relatable, even if you don’t have multiples.

The McGhee’s Being Real

The video clip below depicts the McGhee’s parenting skills well. It’s from a shopping trip Ro took with his four boys, then five-year-olds, to a florist’s shop. After an especially trying time that involved fallen objects and a fib, one of the boys looked up at Ro and asked, “Are we bad?” To which Ro replied, “You’re not bad, you’re just five.”

While some will argue that he should have had more control over the boys, for me it’s more about how he handled the bad behavior – with respect and the acknowledgment that the boys are still young children who need guidance. It also reinforced that they are not bad, but their actions were. It’s a stark comparison to the other sextuplet TV families whose methods of punishment consists of embarrassing and belittling their children on national TV to keep them in line – that’s a strategy that’s ripe for failure.

The pouf balls Ro mentions is the family’s way of rewarding good behavior. Check out how mom and dad use these colorful little balls to visually show their children their good behavior with a full jar resulting in a family vacation.

The Road to Sextuplet Parenting

The high school sweethearts had plenty of time to dream about having a family, but after 10-years of trying and several heartbreaking losses, they turned to invitro fertilization. The result of those trying times are six perfectly-imperfect children and two grateful parents who don’t complain about the amount of work or money it takes to raise their children. Instead, they just appear to get on with it in the best way that they can, making it a positive experience for themselves and their children. Sure, perhaps they allow the kids to get away with fudging the rules a bit,  but they seem to understand that sometimes you have to let the little battles go and save your energy for what matters. The McGhee’s are the kind of family you want to live next to, and who says that about a family with six kids!

Where to See Growing Up McGhee

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