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Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs women take on. We voluntarily give up our time and sanity for our precious babies. Although it is all worth it and I personally wouldn’t change this life choice for anything, I know how it feels to want to quit on certain aspects of it. One of those aspects is breastfeeding. We constantly hear how ¨breast is best¨ and for those moms that try it out and find that they can’t continue for various reasons it can begin to feel like they aren’t being the best mom they can be. First, I am here to tell you by no means is that true. Every child is different and just because one mom breastfeeds and the other bottle feeds doesn`t make one better than the other. So how can a mom who is going back to work, or is low on confidence, or their body is not working as perfectly as they’d hoped, continue to breastfeed without too much stress? I`ve found several products that can be helpful, so that mom’s who want to keep breastfeeding, can.


Breastfeeding - Breast Pump Bag - a great solution for travelling or working moms ad

You`ve had six weeks or so to bond with your little one where pumping wasn’t a necessity, and you and baby got to choose your own nursing schedule. Now it’s time to go back to work, and you realize you have to take a breast pump with you so that you can pump during your breaks and lunch periods. Some moms may be a little shy about having to pump at the office and carrying around this extra baggage on a daily basis. But the brand new breast pump bag from jay elle is designed for discreteness. The bag looks like an ordinary tote bag, but it has an abundance of organization that stows away everything out of sight. The six piece set includes the carry bag, cooler bag, wet bag, accessories bag, dry cloth, and jay elle C.O.D.E. handbook. All you have to do is add your breast pump and key essentials, and you’re all ready to go. When your breastfeeding days are complete, the internal organizer can be removed so that the bag changes with your family’s needs. The bag retails for $99 on the  jay elle website, and jay elle will donate $1 to support breastfeeding moms for every bag sold. 


Breastfeeding - Help for Milk Production Concerns - 2 Products That Can Help - #Breastfeeding ad

One of the top worries most breastfeeding mothers face is whether or not she’s producing enough milk.  Milkflow Fenugreek Blessed Thistle Powder Drink by UpSpring Baby is an easy way for moms to stimulate their breastmilk production. It’s an all-natural supplement that is available in a chocolate or berry flavored mix making it a great alternative to traditional fenugreek pills, elixirs, and teas. All you have to do is mix the powder with 6 oz of hot or cold milk or add it to a smoothie twice per day for the best results. Milkflow is available online at and in select stores for $14.99 for 18 packets.

For those moms that may be suffering from low production, every drop is precious. The award-winning Milkies Milk-Saver helps mothers save every trickle of the ¨liquid gold¨ our amazing bodies produce. Just place the Milkies Milk-Saver in your bra on the non-nursing side and as your milk lets down, the milk saver will catch any that leaks. Pour the milk into the compact storage container and place in the fridge or freezer to use later. The Milkies Milk-Saver can be purchased online for $27.95.


Fear of Nursing in Public? - These nursing tops and cover-up can help. ad

While nursing in public is no problem for some moms, plenty of others still want to be able to have a little bit of privacy. That`s where nursing covers and cloths come in and as useful as they are, we’d like them to be fashionable as well.

With Lassig`s Allover Nursing Cover you won’t have to worry about privacy or style. It is a lightweight yet sturdy fabric nursing cover made from hypoallergenic, breathable, soft lyocell. You can wear it as a stole, neck scarf, bolero, or cape and is wrinkle resistant. It`s available in 7 different colors on Amazon for $40.

Of course, a cover is only one piece of the puzzle. Shirts and tanks that are easy to pull down are also a big part of making breastfeeding convenient. The Udderly Hot Mama Chic Cowl Nursing Top  is the perfect blend of style and ease. You just pull down the cowl for breastfeeding and pumping. The fabric is soft and has excellent stretch, so it pops right back into shape when you’re done. Included in every Udderly Hot Mama Top is a patent-pending flap that can be removed. The flap provides extra privacy during feeding so that if you choose not to use a breastfeeding cover, minimal skin is showing. When your baby has weaned, you can remove the flap and add the top to your everyday wardrobe. The top comes in an assortment of colors and can be found online at Nordstrom or on the Udderly Hot Mama website for the market price of $49.99. Udderly Hot Mama also offers a variety of other shirts and dresses with the same concept as the Chic Cowl Nursing Top.

I hope you found these products useful in your breastfeeding journey. Have you tried any of them? I’d love to hear if you found them helpful on your breastfeeding journey.