The Shushybye Music CD “Cool-lection” was provided to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Netflix has become a place of never ending entertainment for me lately so I shouldn’t have been surprised to find out that episodes of Shushybye can be found there!

Watch SHUSHYBYEShushybye on Netflix or put SHUSHYBYE in the search field. You must be a Netflix subscriber.

What, you don’t know what Shushybye is? Well, I didn’t either until I was introduced to a few Shushybye CDs and I discovered that it’s a preschool entertainment and lifestyle brand that produces music, videos, books, and a television show. They created content designed to help toddlers and preschoolers develop healthy sleep habits through song, but the brand has grown, and they have broadened their themes to include school, friendship, creativity, and imagination.

Shushybye in Concert qe

At the core of the Shushybye brand is Steve Syatt (creator and songwriter) the and the Shushybye Dream Band, which showcases the lead vocals of Michael North, an acclaimed children’s singer. They expertly weave original songs with creative video content to keeps little ones entertained while learning fundamental concepts of friendship, love, caring, family and more.

The Shushybye Baby live action TV series airs on BabyFirst

The show provides a place for kids to meet their Shushybye friends including Dozie, Zeez, Snoozles, Snort & Wheeze and the Shushybye King. These life-size plush characters interact with their human counterparts including a teacher and train conductor. They’re joined by singer Michael North when it’s time to break out in song.

For preschoolers, The Dreamsters, a band of plush hipsters named PJ the DJ, Snore, and Starbright are each from their own era. They range from a 50’s beatnik, 60’s flower power, to a contemporary character.

But Where Can I Watch BabyFirst TV?

Well, that’s a great question. As I recently cut our cable and went to online streaming, it took me awhile to find out where it’s available. I found BabyTV available on channel 293 via Direct TV, channel 823 on Dish Network, channel 256 on Time Warner Cable,  channel 124 on Xfinity/Comcast, channel 310 on CenturyLink Prism, and at Find out if you local provider carries BabyTV here and don’t forget to check out Netflix if you’re a subscriber.

Sushybye Shoppe

Shushybye Shoppe

Find everything a fan could need and want to enjoy the Shushybyes and Dreamsters at home.  I recommend  The Shushybye Music CD “Cool-lection” which includes: Shushybye & Goodnight: The Deluxe Edition (listen now), Close Your Eyes (listen now), MOON-FM, My Newest Best Friend, and Time To Tuck You In. Nearly every track is one you’ll find yourself humming long after the CD is finished because this isn’t your typical “kids music.” Mom’s and dad will love it too, and the positive messages can lead to some wonderful conversations!
Shushybye Cool-lection CD Collection ad

My favorites song? Shushy Swing from the Moon FM CD – a toe tapping song with an upbeat swing tempo. Lively, but not too stimulating for late night listening and “Whenever I’m With You” from the “My Newest Best Friend CD.  My one complaint? They say, “Shushybye” far too often. I’m sure the kids don’t mind, but for a parent, it can be grating.

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You can find out more about the characters, products, and more via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.