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I almost missed it. International Bath Day. The one day a year devoted to exploring all things fun in the bathtub with your kids. Granted, my kids are both adults, so that’s not possible, but I do have a new granddaughter I’ll soon be able to share the joys of learning with her through water play. I’ve already been collecting fantastic bath toys for her that will allow her to learn about the concepts of floating and sinking, cause and effect, empty and full, plus so much more and it’s a way to tap into my inner child and enjoy the discoveries with her.

But I think bathtime is too important to celebrate just one day a year. I believe that every day should include bathtime fun. It’s an excellent way to connect after a long day and settle down for the night.Being immersed in a warm tub, surrounded with water and bubbles, and someone who’s ready to engage and make discoveries with you is the perfect way to spend an evening. It was where we let the boys have sticky sweets, like suckers, play with shaving cream, and just have fun. I miss those days of one-to-one (or two-to-one when they were younger). Just listening to their banter or about what they did that day made me so grateful for being a mother. I can’t wait to do the same with my granddaughter; only she’ll have the benefit a grandmother that doesn’t have to rush to get her out of the tub and into bed because of work and daycare in the morning and she’ll have some bright and colorful toys to enjoy!

Yookidoo Flow N Fill Spout

Yookidoo Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout #InternationalBathDay ad

The Yookidoo Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout bath toy attaches to the tub and draws water up to create an endless stream of fun. With its three interchangeable tumblers with different spouting actions, it provides a variety of ways to play and experiment with water. This toy is appropriate for children ages nine months to three years. It’s currently sold out at Babies R Us, but you can purchase it online at

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Yookidoo (2016) Celebrate Discovery with Yookidoo!  

June 14 is International Bath Day and legend says that on this day, just one before the start of summer, Archimedes, a Greek mathematician, scientist,  and scholar, was bathing when he discovered that an object’s volume could be accurately measured by being submerged in water. This discovery led Archimedes to leap out of the bathtub and yell, “Eureka, Eureka!”   Unable to contain his excitement, he ran through the streets of Syracuse, Greece, sharing his news.

Today, Yookidoo, an international toy manufacturer, celebrates Archimedes’ discovery and excitement with their award-winning line of bath toys that keep exploration and learning afloat!  They are a proud sponsor of International Bath Day because they believe it’s important to spread the word that bath time is a fantastic time for kids to learn and explore.

Children can master the fundamental properties of physics with quality bath toys like Yookidoo’s Flow N Fill Spout. It lets little scientists everywhere create their own “Eureka, Eureka!” bathtime discoveries.

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