This has been a banner year for book-to-movie adaptions including some much anticipated blockbusters. There’s still time to read many of them before they release in theaters, or check out the book adaptions that were released January through June for some you may have missed.

19 Book-to-Movie Adaptations to Read Summer 2016

19 Book-to-Movie Adaptations to read this summer - 2016 - Nerve by Jeanne Ryan
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by  Jeanne Ryan

US Theatrical Release Date:  July 27, 2016

Book Summary: Vee is chosen to play an anonymous game of dare which is broadcast on line called NERVE. She’s excited when she discovers that the game knows her when they tempt her with prizes they’ve found on her ThisIsMe page and then they team her up with the perfect boy. But her exhilaration turns to fear when they’re directed, along with five other players, to a secret location to compete in the Grand Prize round which turns out to be all or nothing  with their lives on the line.

Film Details: