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As the owner of a long-haired cat and two medium sized dogs we frequently see what we call “fur tumbleweeds” drifting across our hardwood floors. Before we had a child, it was easier to ignore them. But now that we have a 2-1/2-month-old baby, sweeping and vacuuming the floors has become a daily chore, just to keep the tumbleweeds at bay.

Samsung POWERbot Wifi Robot Vacuum - Large Dirt Bin - Ewwwwwwwwwwwww....that's dog hair! One day's worth! @BestBuy @Samsungtweets #bbysamsung ad

The Samsung POWERbot Wifi Robot Vacuum’s high-capacity dust canister reduces the need to empty it allowing it to clean our entire area without stopping.

When we received the POWERbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum, I was skeptical that it could handle the massive volume of pet hair in our home as I have seen lackluster robotic vacuums in the past. However, I was very thrilled to see that this vacuum not only has the suction power necessary to grab all of the loose pet hair off the floor, but it also has a high-capacity dust canister that reduces the need to empty it allowing it to clean our entire area without stopping.

More Powerful Suction Than The Leading Robot Vacuum Brand (Suction power tested on Samsung POWERbot Essential in comparison with the top vacuum sold by the leading robot vacuum brand according to NPD.)

The POWERbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum connects to our home WiFi, which lets me control all of its features from my smartphone using the Samsung Smart Home app. With the app, I can start the POWERbot when I leave the house so it can clean while we take our baby girl out to see the grandparents. There is nothing better than coming home after some family time to an entirely clean floor, it’s almost like having a maid. If however, you want to run the vacuum while you are at home, you can start it with the included remote control or via the app. What’s even better is that its “whisper mode” is quiet enough that the baby can sleep, and I can still watch television while it cleans my floors.

Samsung POWERbot Wifi Robot Vacuum - Dual Surfaces are not problem! @BestBuy @Samsungtweets #bbysamsung ad

The POWERbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum handles the transitions from wood floor to throw rug flawlessly every time thanks to its EasyPass™ wheels

Our house is mainly wood floors, but we also have multiple area rugs throughout and the POWERbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum handles the transitions from wood floor to throw rug flawlessly every time thanks to its EasyPass™ wheels. After a week of daily use, the POWERbot has only needed help getting unstuck once and because I carelessly left a thin cord laying on the floor.

Our New Samsung POWERbot Tackling the Pet Hair

The POWERbot even learns the layout of your house over time through its Visionary Mapping™ Plus and FullView™ Sensor. The onboard digital camera and nine sensors create a map of our home including our furniture layout. Every time we run the vacuum, it seems to get more efficient on the route that it takes.

Samsung POWERbot Wifi Robot Vacuum - Charging Station @BestBuy @Samsungtweets #bbysamsung ad

Docked and charging for its next adventure!

When the floor is clean, the Samsung POWERbot puts itself to sleep on its charging base, so it’s ready for the next day’s vacuuming. For people without two dogs and a cat, you likely won’t have to empty the waste bin after every use. We however do, but every time we do, we’re grateful that the pet hair is in the bin and no longer on our floor!

If you are looking for a vacuum that will let you play while it does all the work of keeping your floors spotless, you won’t find anything better than the POWERbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum.

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