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Last month, I had the opportunity to visit DreamWorks Animation Studios in California. I was very excited to tour the campus where such iconic movies and shows are created – it was absolutely fascinating to get a peek behind the scenes at how these animators bring a character to life. I even got to schmooze with a few fan favorites while I was there!

Beeb Meets Toothless

Beeb Meets Toothless

Part of the reason for my trip was to get a first look at Voltron: Legendary Defender, a new Netflix Original Series that debuts this Friday, June 10th.

Official Trailer: DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender

This re-imagining of the ’80s classic follows the adventures of five heroes who must work together to form Voltron, a giant robot that is the universe’s last defense against evil. Voltron is made up of five robotic lions operated by a different pilot, so teamwork is crucial in order to save the day. And in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, I go the opportunity to play a unique game of Voltron basketball during my visit!

Voltron Basketball

Playing Voltron basketball

I’ve never played a single game of basketball before in my life, and although I didn’t even come close to winning the match, I was proud of myself for shooting three whole hoops. I also came dangerously close to shooting the ball into someone’s nearby lunch, but fortunately, the power of Voltron was on my side, and the ball was intercepted before it destroyed someone’s salad. 😉

Voltron also taught me a few superhero moves while I was there. Watch out, bad guys! BAM! POW!

Voltron cutout

This is just the beginning of my legendary adventures with Voltron and DreamWorks, so stay tuned over the next week for more behind-the-scenes fun!


Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender now on Netflix.