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When you live in Seattle, you learn to have backup plans for any outdoor actives you schedule. Without them, there’s be far too many fun events canceled because of rain. Camping is one of those activities, and I happen to like indoor camping!

We recently had a family camp out in my sister’s living room where the tepee she made for her granddaughter became the centerpiece for our indoor adventure. We wanted a fun experience that didn’t cost a lot of money and could be created with things that mostly came from around the house. It also had to keep this sweet little girl busy while we got some adult time to chat. I think we did a pretty good job – take a peek and let me know what you think!

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Indoor Camping Food – Easy Kid Cooking Fun

Paisley just turned two, and she loves cooking with her Nana. She was so excited when we told her she’d be making dinner, so she got her apron on, washed her hands, and with Mom and Nana’s help, she made Cheesy Pigs in a Blanket. These are the same hot dog roll ups my kids used to make when they were little. All you need is a package of Ball Park® Hot Dogs, a can of refrigerated crescent rolls, and some cheese, and kids can create a quick and easy dinner!

I picked up the ingredients at my local Kroger store (here in Washington State that’s Fred Meyer). Along with Ball Park® Hot Dogs (and buns for the adults), I stuffed my cart with potato salad, apple slices, apple juice, and more. I even tucked in some craft supplies I used to decorate the teepee.

Tasty Indoor Camping Fun - Roll-up Hotdogs Kids Can Make - #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad

Paisley was very proud of her little Pigs in a Blanket, though she never quite understood the name. We’ll try to explain it again when she’s older, but that got me thinking, if I’d have purchased the All-Beef hotdogs, would they have been Cows in a Blanket

Ball Park Franks - Mom Me Cooking

The adults had their Ball Park® Hot Dogs grilled on buns.Ball Park Franks - Inside Picnic Fun #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad

We arranged the food close to the “campsite” and connected the two with an inexpensive and colorful banner. We kept the feeling light and fun with a ribbon of dots and more pennants.Ball Park Franks - Indoor Picnic #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad

Paisley didn’t need any help enjoying her Pigs in a Blanket along with Ketchup for dipping by lantern light. She eats with her napkin at the ready – how cute is that! She’s enjoying them on a kid-safe and reusable melamine plate that looks like a paper plate.

Ball Park Franks - Dinner in the Teepee #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad


The teepee was a great place to hideout and play while the adults ate and chatted nearby.

Ball Park Franks - Family Picnic #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad

Indoor Camping – Setting the Scene

The teepee was made by my sister, but to make it special for our indoor camping party, I made a few homemade decorations. I also added two lanterns. One was a play lantern (the green one) that has nature sounds like frogs croaking and wolves howling. The other was lifted from my emergency kit at home. They were a huge hit.

I also made this crochet campfire complete with a flame, logs, and fire ring rocks. It didn’t take long for the faux rocks to become skipping stones across an imaginary lake. If you don’t crochet, you can use real wood, a battery operated tea light, and some red cellophane to create a fun pretend fire.

Ball Park Franks - Pretend Campfire #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad

The outside of the teepee was decorated with easy-to-make Dream Catchers I made ahead of time and attached to a feather ribbon. The large dreamcatcher was put inside the teepee. It’s made with silver yarn with a little sparkle that looks magical with the fairy lights. Making Dream Catchers is a great camping craft for older kids.

Easy kids crafts - products you'll need to create these beautiful Dream Catchers

Purchase Supplies to Make Your Own Dream Catchers

Fun Kids Craft - Make Your Own Dreamcatchers

Bistore – Set of 5 Dream Catcher Metal Hoops, (Dream Catcher Metal Rings) (4 inches diameter)

Shekyeon 2yards Rooster Hackle Feather Trim Dress Decoration (White)

Touch of Nature Pink & Purple Feathers

Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box Kit, 19.75-Ounce, Pearl

Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box Kit, 19.75-Ounce, Pearl

Spinrite Metallic Yarn, Pewter – the metallic yarn I used is no longer available, but this is very similar.

I filled the teepee with several homemade crocheted blankets and some play balls to play games with or to sit on. Anything you have around the house will work, just make it soft and inviting. I did have to be a little careful about making the floor too soft because of Paisley’s broken leg. I made sure she wouldn’t trip or fall by keeping the pillows and blankets to a minimum. I also added our Kid’s Nature Camping Lantern –  it casts animal shadows on the walls of the teepee and provided sounds like croaking frogs and howling wolves.

Ball Park Franks - Indoor Camping Fun #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad

We put inexpensive, battery operated fairy lights inside. They were high enough she couldn’t reach them, but they added a fun glow, especially when the lights outside the teepee were off. I also made a very large dream catcher (Paisley is holding a piece of it) and hung it like a chandelier from the top.

Indoor Camping Ideas for kids 2 and under - #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad

Paisley was so excited about the new decor inside her teepee she had to show her great-grandma.

Ball Park Franks - Camping Fun #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad

Indoor Camping – Crafts

Paisley loves wearing necklaces so before the event I made about 15 simple beaded necklaces. But I also brought along the cording and beads so she could make her own. It’s an inexpensive camping craft (about $16 total) that kids love.

With her mom’s help, Paisley picked out the colors and instructed mom how they needed to be strung in. I’m not sure which of the two of them had more fun. It was a great mom-and-me craft, and it gave Paisley a chance to design her own necklaces and then pass them out to everyone.

Ball Park Franks - Beading Craft #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad

This girl knows what she wants, and she loved all of the colors!

Inexpensive Kids Craft - Necklaces made with Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box Kit, 19.75-Ounce, Pearl

Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box Kit, 19.75-Ounce, Pearl

Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box Kit, 19.75-Ounce, Pearl

Older kids would be able to string these beads on their own. It’s great for helping with dexterity, colors, patterns, and more.

Inexpensive Kids Crafts - Strung necklaces with Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box Kit, 19.75-Ounce, Pearl Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box Kit, 19.75-Ounce, Pearl

Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box Kit, 19.75-Ounce, Pearl

Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box Kit, 19.75-Ounce, Pearl

Indoor Camping – Sleeping

The best part about indoor camping? Not waking up with a dew-covered sleeping bag, not having to run inside to use the bathroom, and getting to show Nana your new lantern!

Showing Nana the Lantern #TysonLifesanAdventure #ShareIt #ad

Indoor camping should be fun, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Use blankets to make a fort under the dining room table, use flashlights or glow-in-the-dark sticks, and turn off all the screens in the house and read stories, sing songs, and eat great food!

Do you indoor camp? What’s your favorite part of it?