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They tell me that I’ll relax with my second baby, but I can’t imagine worrying any less about my child’s safety whether she’s the first or fifth. As a parent, my primary responsibility it to raise a healthy and happy child, but to do that, I need to protect her from danger. I could cripple myself with worry because it’s such a daunting task, or I can arm myself with the technology this generation is so lucky to have at its fingertips to help.

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Garmin Drive 50 – Dedicated GPS Navigator with Driver Awareness

The Garmin Drive 50 with optional Garmin babyCam is one of those devices that will make parenting easier plus it makes driving safer too by  providing dedicated, easy-to-use GPS navigator that’s pre-loaded with detailed maps of the U.S. (or U.S. and Canada depending on the model you purchase). The 5.0-inch dual-orientation display provides driver alerts including information about upcoming sharp curves, speed changes, school zones, and more. You’ll also be to find popular restaurants and shops with its Foursquare integration and with  Garmin Real Directions™ with Garmin Real Voice™  you get directions that include more than just hard-to-read street names. The user-friendly voice will give you directions based on easy-to-see landmarks, businesses, and more to help you navigate easier.

Garmin babyCam

Add the Garmin babyCam and you can see into your backseat to know how your baby is doing. This is especially important the first year while they’re backward facing. The Garmin babyCam only works with Garmin products (View list of compatible Garmin navigators) and pairs easily with the Garmin Personal Navigation Device (PND). Don’t worry if you can’t mount a camera to your car’s seat headrest, there are accessories for additional mounting options.

Having your baby monitor and navigation system sharing a dedicated screen lets you keep your eyes on the road while still monitoring your baby and looking out for road problems The Garmin Drive 50 stays within your line of site and provides alerts like railroad crossings, when you’re going the wrong way on a one-way street, when you’re approaching an animal crossing, when the speed limit changes and it shows you your current speed and more. It’s definitely one way to be sure you’re driving safely.

I’ll be trying out the Garmin Drive 50 with optional Garmin babyCam soon. I can’t wait to have more control over what goes on inside and outside of my car.

How do you navigate your childcare responsibilities and driving?


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