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We have lived in our “starter” home for 28 years. That number weighs on me. We didn’t start out to spend nearly three decades here, it just happened. I’ve always wanted to live in another state, but my husband’s job is not transferrable, so here we are until he retires. I’ve dreamed of the day when we’re free to move wherever we want, but where to? I’ve traveled to a few places on business that I know my husband would love, but who would move somewhere they’ve never been before? Not my husband! And we’re not the type to sell everything to buy and enormous motor home to travel the nation’s campgrounds.

Retirement Doesn’t Have to Mean Hitting the Road in an RV to See the U.S.

My solution? To rent our home and then spend six months to a year renting a home in each of the places we’re considering making our new hometown.  I think more Baby Boomers like us are keen for a new adventure that lets us become part of the community.  It gives us a chance to immerse ourselves in the local culture rather than just breezing through on our way to somewhere else. But making our move means dealing with setting up a household in the new location and that’s where I’m looking to CORT Furniture Rental for answers. The idea of their temporary furniture solution is attractive. Beyond the convenience of their 48-hour delivery and set up, they allow you to rent for the length of time that works for you, and at a price that fits your budget. 

Renting furniture and household goods means we won’t have the cost of moving our belongings from place to place or storing it if we decide to take some time off to fly home for a few weeks. It also alleviates the worry of trying purchase and then later sell furniture on Craigslist, which is what many people think they’ll do in a temporary situation. But Craigslist has become a nightmare of criminal activity, and I’m not willing to take the chance. CORT has over 100 locations nationwide where you can buy or rent furniture. Select each piece individually or have an entire suite of furniture delivered including linens, pots and pans, and more. Just because your home is temporary, it doesn’t mean it has to look and feel that way! How Do You Want to Spend the First Days in Your New Town #CORTatHome @CORTFurniture #ad

We’ve got a few more years to get our plans together, and the birth of our first grandchild has certainly changed our outlook on how far away we’re willing to go, but knowing we have options and can make a move happen in forty-eight hours is liberating. It’s also this easy solution that will make allow us to focus on the city and not on the trouble we had getting our furniture there from Seattle. I’m going to convince my husband to try Cody Wyoming as our first potential new hometown. I think it’s the perfect mix – hunting and fishing for him and organic farms and plenty of art for me.

Why Furniture Rental?

Student Active Military Discounted Furniture Rental - Make it Home #CORTatHome @CORTFurniture #ad Temporary furnishing solutions aren’t just for empty nesters like us. Students and Active Military are two groups that benefit from the services of CORT plus they get special pricing! See how they can help your new location feel like home in no time at all.

But what if you’re facing a relocation or work, family, etc.? You too can benefit from the convenience of having your home set up and ready for you.

Have you ever been on the move? Did you rent furnitureWhat city would you choose to try out for your new hometown?

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