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My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear

Forty weeks of pregnancy seems like a long time and definitely has its ups and downs as you progress. One of the things I always looked forward to was hearing my little baby’s heartbeat during those doctor appointments. It was always reassuring to know that my little one was still going strong. Now that she’s here, and I can actually hold her I’m surprised to realize I miss hearing that quick little heartbeat on the monitor. Luckily I have it preserved it with My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear and I can listen to it whenever I want.

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My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is a unique kit that consists of an adorable stuffed animal and a 20-second red heart battery-operated recorder that captures the sound of your baby’s heartbeat during an ultrasound or when using a doppler. It was created by a registered diagnostic medical sonographer and mother of three kids Purusha Rivera.

There are sixteen different Heartbeat Animals including giraffes, elephants, bears, monkeys, lambs, and hippos. I chose the fox to coordinate with our owl and fox themed nursery.

My Heartbeat Bear Animals - recordable hears keep baby's heartbeat safe or record a message for your child. So many options and extra recorders are available seperately so you can save those memories and make new ones! ad

The stuffed animals are safe for ages three and above and the recorder can be used for spoken messages songs, etc., so as your child gets older and becomes more interested in the stuffed animal, you can change the recording to something special just for them. Or you can leave the recording as is and let your child enjoy the sound of their “baby” heartbeat.

There’s even a bear who holds a sonogram photo – what a fantastic way to announce your pregnancy to family far away! It lets them feel a part of your pregnancy.

Heartbeat Bear Love at First Sight ad

Because of the diversity of this keepsake, it makes a great gift for an expecting mom, but also for a small child as a comfort item when they need to hear their parents voice or favorite song. It comes with replaceable batteries and the recording remains intact when the batteries are changes. The bear is available at many ultrasound studios across the U.S. or can be purchased online at http://mybabysheartbeatbear.com for $35.

With such a beautiful item I can now bring back that memory of hearing Ame’s quick little heartbeat and knowing that my baby girl is ok and will be joining us in no time. Ame also enjoys hearing the sound which is just a whole new level of heart-melting cuteness to enjoy.
My Heartbeat Bear - Fox - record your baby's heartbeat during a sonogram or your own recorded message - ad

The Heartbeat Bear is such a fabulous gift, do you know someone who’d love this beautiful baby and pregnancy keepsake?

Check out all of the Heartbeat Animals, Heartbeat Buddies, and their Accessories. You can purchase additional red heart recorders for new messages without losing your precious original recording), tutus, bow ties, and gift cards so your gift recipient can choose her own animal.


Photo Credit: Stock animal photos http://mybabysheartbeatbear.com