I received a Mamaway Ring Sling to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and based on my experience; yours may differ. 

I have a baby wrap. You know the popular wraps that are made from super stretchy materials that are wound around and around you and the baby until you’re both snuggled together tightly? They’re great, but they’re HOT! The layers of wrap combined with my clothes and the baby’s body heat mean that it’s much too warm for most of the year.

But I’m not ready to put my 6-week old baby girl into a carrier that doesn’t let her lay right up against me. I think she loves listening to my heartbeat, and I love feeling her so close. My mother-in-law suggested the Mamaway Ring Sling Carrier as an excellent option that would provide me the closeness I crave without feeling mummified in the 70+ degree weather we’re having.

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The Mamaway Ring Sling

My mother-in-law ordered the Ocean Lanna Mamaway Ring Sling Carrier for me from Amazon.

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Mamaway Maternity & Nursing Wear Ring Sling Fabric Options. Photo Credit: mamaway

It’s a beautiful 100% Pima Cotton fabric with a great unisex striped pattern on navy blue so my husband will wear it as well. I like that it fits from newborn to toddler with different types of carries including upright and lying down and you can also carry your child in the front, on your hip, or on your back. Most importantly, it’s designed to be sure your child’s airway is protected by putting her in a safe position.

The one-shoulder sling style distributes the baby’s weight across your back, so there’s less strain on your shoulders. Should you need to, you can easily swap the direction of the sling. The sling has been tested safe for up to 50kgs of weight for 24 hours. That’s 110 pounds!

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Once you get the hang of putting the fabric into the rings, it’s super easy to slip the sling on. There are videos available to show you how to do it plus how to accomplish several different holds. I’m using the newborn hold in the photos, but it’s my first try, so I didn’t quite get it right. Now that I’ve used it for a few days it’s easy! I’ve found that leaving the fabric in the rings and slipping it off over my head makes it a breeze. Tightening it is easy as well, and it’s unique design and the way it’s fed through the rings, allows you to tighten just the top or bottom of the sling.

Mamaway Ring Sling Carrier Koala Carry for Newborns

This Mamaway Ring Sling Carrier can also be used to breastfeed on the go while keep covered up. Or use it in place of a breastfeeding pillow to support your arm. The sling weighs just over 14.4 oz, and it tucks away into the built-in carrier when you’re done. It’s easy to toss into the diaper bag for a day out. Plus it cleans up by throwing it into the washer – it doesn’t get any easier than that!

I’m really happy with the style, convenience, and usability of the Mamaway Ring Sling Carrier and glad to have options when it comes to baby wearing. This one will certainly be used most of the spring and summer.

Have you tried a Mamaway Ring Sling Carrier? They make great baby shower gifts!