infanttech provided a smarttemp Bluetooth wireless thermometer to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own; yours may vary.
When you’re a new parent, there’s nothing scarier than when your child is ill. The fear making a mistake or missing symptoms can make even the sanest mom or dad a little crazy. But infanttech has made one of the most difficult parts of monitoring your child’s health so much easier with their new smarttemp Bluetooth thermometer. With it, there’s no need to take your child’s temperature manually!
No more struggling to get your infant to hold still while you take her temperature because the infanttech smarttemp Bluetooth thermometer monitors your child continuously for up to 24 hours. This small device is adhered to your child’s underarm where it sends signals via Bluetooth to your smartphone through the free app. It lets your baby rest comfortably while you keep tabs in real time.
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smarttemp – How to Use It

Download and install the software  (scan the QR code on the packaging or download from the app store – compatible with iOS and Android). Start the software and remove the smarttemp from its case. It automatically goes into pairing mode and will signal when it’s paired. The process takes about 5 seconds, and you’re ready to go.
Next, attach an adhesive pad to the thermometer on the side without the silver sensor. These sticky pads secure the thermometer in place and feel much like an adhesive bandage. Adhere the thermometer to your child’s clean and dry armpit area. The smarttemp can be placed for up to 24 hours with one adhesive patch, but monitor the area, especially the first time, to be sure your child’s skin isn’t reacting negatively to the patch.
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Now you can monitor your child’s temperature in real time. Use the app to set an alert to let them know when your child’s temperature rises above, or goes below the threshold you’ve set.  You can also set dosage reminders, so medicine is given on time, and the app creates a temperature graph which can be shared with other caregivers or the child’s doctor.
Should you have any problems with the device, put it back in its case, wait a few seconds, and then take it out again to reset it. Anytime you’re not using the thermometer it needs to go back in its case to save the battery. To start it, remove it from the case – brilliant!

 smarttemp – Familiarize Your Child

I’d suggest trialing the smarttemp while your child is feeling well and in a good mood. It’s a great way to get a baseline temperature that will let you know what “normal” is for your child. It’s important to put the thermometer in the same place every time, so you have the most accurate data for comparison.

If your child is old enough to understand, you can talk about what it does, why it’s important to leave it there and not touch it and to let her know that it doesn’t hurt. Letting her put the smarttemp on her favorite bear is an excellent way to let her feel empowered and in control which will help make wearing it when she’s ill easier.

smarttemp – Beyond Monitoring Your Child’s Temperature

The smarttemp is also perfect for knowing exactly what temperature your baby’s bathwater is. Unlike other bath thermometers that only tell you when it’s too hot, the smarttemp shows you the exact temperature of the water so you can make adjustments quicker to avoid scalding your child or allowing the water to become too cold.

smarttemp – What’s Included & Where to Buy

The smarttemp is packaged with a carrying case, ten adhesive pads, and a replaceable 3-year battery. Additional pads are available separately.

For ages 0-7 years. MSRP: $69.99. Available online at

For more information visit:

Are you ready to say good-bye to the old way of taking your child’s temperature?