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I am one of those rogue people who doesn’t put any protection on my smartphone. No Otterbox. No screen protector. I used to, but the cases are bulky and most make wireless charging impossible, so I decided to chance it for the sake of convenience. And I’ve been lucky, unlike many of my Facebook friends who’ve posted photos of their beloved devices with broken screens, dinged corners, and water damage.

In fact, I’ve yet to incur any of these common mishaps, but why I haven’t is beyond me. I’ve dropped every device I own many, many times. I’ve sat on them, I lose them in the couch on a daily basis, and I find them in far too many places where they don’t belong, and they should have come out scratched at the very least. Oh yes, they show signs of wear and tear – the decorative trim around the edges of most of my devices are no longer completely intact, but it’s a small price to pay for the luxury of having a naked phone.

intelliARMOR: The Smarter Screen Protector for Mobile Devices

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But things have changed because while I used to receive two to three smartphones a year as a wireless ambassador, I’m no longer interested in trying anything outside of the Samsung Note line. That means it might be awhile before I get another upgrade. No longer do I have the luxury of assuming a new phone is available in the event my hapless attitude regarding my smartphone should result in an irreparable mishap.

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I’ve taken the first step in protecting my newest acquisition, a Samsung Galaxy Note5. I love this new phablet, and I want to keep it as pristine as possible, so I’ve protected the screen with an intelliARMOR Smarter Screen Protector that’s created from intelliGLASS™, a hardened glass. This ultra clear screen protector is just 0.33 mm thick.

This smartphone screen protector was incredibly easy to install – so easy I did it without a bubble and in just 2 minutes from start to finish! Everything I needed was included in the package so after cleaning my hands, I set about putting it on. I will say my last experience with a screen saver was years ago, and it was much like sticking a piece of Contact Paper to my phone. It was thin, flimsy, and impossible to put on without creating tons of air bubbles. I tried several times to lift it back off and reposition it, but bubbles resulted every time. I finally gave up and lived with several large bubbles which made reading a chore.

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The intelliARMOR Smarter Screen Protector is NOTHING like that earlier screen saver product I tried. It was ridged, had great instructions, and went on like a dream. The company has obviously been doing this for some time because they knew that even though I’d cleaned my screen and then wiped it with a buffing cloth, there’d still be a bit of lint, so they thoughtfully included a sticker to remove it. The result is a screen protector that looks great, keeps my screen protected, and doesn’t interfere in any way with the operation of my phone. The touch sensitivity remains the same, and it’s cut to fit my phone perfectly. But the best part? My screen is no longer filled with fingerprints. They use something called Oleophobic Coating that keeps my fingerprints off my screen – it’s like magic!

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The intelliARMOR Smarter Screen Protector is now also protecting my screen from scratches, oil, and grease and it’s helping to make it more shock absorbent so the drops that will inevitably befall my beloved Note5 will be less likely to cause it damage. A small $10 – $20 investment in an intelliARMOR Smarter Screen Protector can save hundreds in the cost of repairing a screen. Or worse, keep it from going into a landfill when it’s replaced with a new phone instead.

intelliARMOR makes three lines of screen protectors –  intelliGLASS, intelliGLASS HD, and intelliGLASS PRO. Check out their comparison chart here to pick the right one for you.

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I’m really happy with my newly protected phone and have even considered putting a thin case on it. Baby steps!

Are you protecting your favorite devices?