We received a Claessens’ Kids Kid’sleep Classic Sleep Trainer to facilitate this sleep training review; however, all opinions are my own.

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Do sleep trainers work? Sure they do! This one was designed by a dad of six who was decided he needed to create a way to get his kids to sleep past 5:30 am. He set out to find a solution to his and million of other parent’s problems, and that resulted in the Kid’sleep Classic Sleep Trainer by Claessens’ Kids, a nightlight with and wake up alarm for children.

Claessens’ Kids Classic Sleep Trainer

The Claessens’ Kids Kid’sleep Classic Sleep Trainer is available in both a pink and blue color scheme. The pale pink unit features sweet cow in a tutu and the baby blue trainer stars a rabbit with a backpack. The Classic Sleep Trainer can be used from birth as a traditional nightlight with the bonus of a small LED clock for mom and dad. Use it to keep track of baby’s nursing times or when she sleeps. The nightlight with its three levels of brightness lets you make your way in and out of the room without turning on a light.

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Claessens' Kids Sleep Trainer Pink Nightlight Mode ad

From Nightlight to Sleep Trainer

When your child is ready, usually around the age of 2-1/2, switch the Kid’sleep Trainer into sleep training mode by switching out the colorful full-size graphic with the one stored on the back of the unit. This second face is split into two scenes – one depicting daytime and the other nighttime.  You set the sleep/awake time, and there is a nap alarm that can be used in conjunction with the audible alarm if you like.

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Changing the unit from nightlight to sleep timer is an excellent time to talk to your child about growing up and taking on responsibility. Perhaps let her help you change the device to the “grown up” mode, so she feels a sense of pride. Let her know that when the cow is sleeping; she should be too. When the cow is awake, it’s ok to get up. Reinforce her sleeping habits by having her say goodnight to the cow and good morning when it’s time to get up. Reward her for using the cues with extra reading time, bubbles in the bath, and other ways to say you’re doing great.

Claessens' Kids Sleep Trainer Pink Training Mode ad

Claessens' Kids Sleep Trainer Pink Training Mode Nighttime Mode ad

You can also set the alarm if she has a specific wake-up time. It’s an adorable alarm of birds chirping and the character lights up as well so she has audible and visual confirmation it’s time to get up. The unit can be powered by batteries for travel or with the included AC power plug so you can continue her routine even when you’re away from home.

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Claessens’ Kids has a whole line of products for children which includes Kid’sleep Globetrotter (a travel size sleep trainer), Kid’sleep My First Alarm Clock, Kid’sleep Moon, Kid’Sleep My Lantern, Kid’Sleep My Aquarium, KWID Kids Learning Watch, and a 2 in 1 Diaper/carrier bag. You can purchase these products at the Claessens’ website, Amazon, and other stores which carry baby products.

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