An Undercover Mama Tank was provided to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are my own.

Nursing can be a magical time for mom and baby, but can also be very time-consuming and leave a new mom wondering what things are necessary to successfully and comfortably nurse her little one. There are so many products on the market that claim to make things easier, but it seems like the easier they make things, the more expensive and complicated they get.

Personally, for me my top priority when nursing is being comfortable. If I’m uncomfortable how can I expect the baby to relax and be comfortable? The best way to accomplish this goal is with clothing that a new mom can wear at home or on the go that makes nursing easy.

Undercover Mama is a mommy-owned and operated company that makes nursing undershirts. Each undercover tank comes with two different quick and easy loops that secure to the top of a nursing or regular bra, making it easy and comfortable for mom’s whether they are on the go or at home. The tank easily fits on your bra so that when it is time to nurse the tank pulls down with the bra instead of having to pull it up or off separately. The tanks are soft, stretchy, and snug providing you with coverage and support. I enjoy the snug fit while my stomach and organs slowly tighten and transition back to normalcy. I do think they run small though so I recommend ordering up one size.

Universal Design by Undercover Mama  – How their Nursing Tank Works

I found that it was also nice to have my torso covered while baby nurses. I am the type of person that enjoys having a blanket over me at all times and hated the feeling of having to lift my tank top or shirt all the way up and have my stomach exposed the entire time. Few of my nursing tops can go with anything, so this tank is nice because I can wear it just to lounge around the house or I can wear it underneath another shirt while I’m out visiting friends and family. A very practical product for a new mom who is surrounded by hundreds of not so useful products.

The Undercover Mama Nursing Tank T0p is available in multiple colors and patterns to choose from allowing you to match  it with almost any outfit. Note though that these cannot be worn alone, they don’t have any straps of their own. They are nice and long ensuring that you have coverage while nursing without bunching up like other nursing tanks and are machine washable making them easy to care for.