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There are plenty of baby monitors on the market, but the zooby Car and Home Video Baby Monitor by infanttech answers a problem that most don’t, and that’s portability. The system is built to work in almost any situation – at home, in the car, at a hotel, and more. Because of its portability, it travels easily and can be packed with your child’s other necessities whether you’re headed out or the day will be away a month.

Zooby Portable Video Baby Monitor: For Home or On the Go

Zooby Portable Baby Monitor - Photo Credit: InfantTech

It’s also unique because the camera is embedded in the face of a plush stuffed animal. There are several different animals to choose from including Jordan the Giraffe which is the one we adopted for our new granddaughter.  There’s also Zachary the Zebra, Emma the Unicorn, and Diego the Dinosaur.

InfantTech Zooby Portable Baby Monitors - Photo Credit: InfantTech

The camera isn’t hidden, but it’s made to look like part of the animal which can be more friendly and welcoming for small children. The camera controls are hidden inside the animal and secured by a hook and loop closure, so little fingers are kept from them, but they’re easy enough for parents to access. The simple push of a button turns the camera unit on/off, and it’s charge via an included USB charging cable and 2-Port USB car adapter or  AC charger.

Zooby Giraffe -Zooby Portable Video Baby Monitor: For Home or On the Go ad

Each wipe-clean plush animal is approximately 5″ x 5″ x 13″ so it’s easy to stuff into a bag to go.